Lenovo Vibe K5 Plus

Lenovo Vibe K5 Plus

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  • Akash

I bought this phone in 2016. I was expecting at least 2 year phone has many wired issue.now I am choosing other brands in laptop mobile etc. I hope lenovo will start supporting its customer better.

  • Anonymous

Still using.....great.pls reintroduce

  • Anonymous

Firebolt, 25 Jan 2021It"s 2021, I still use this phone. Great, its too fine... moreExactally

  • Nomi

How can I block Number From This Phone?

  • Firebolt

It"s 2021, I still use this phone. Great, its too fine and work better than Redmi 4x.

  • Aarav

Pramod Kumar, 06 Sep 2020same bro.Not my lenevo k5 plus is working very good I keep on formating to keep it safe

  • Pramod Kumar

Girdap, 21 Jun 2020I bought this phone in 2015 because of high specs. I was ex... moresame bro.

Buy the phone around September 2016. Finally died on last months.
Yes the phone at the time was price value, very good spec for cheap price
The main issue is the battery longevity and device gaining hot really fast.
Also the volume button is simply didn't work after a month using
Didn't work using selfie stick

  • Girdap

I bought this phone in 2015 because of high specs. I was expecting at least 1 year of android upgrade from lenovo. I was very frustrated after lenovo's declaracion of not upgrading this phone to marshmallow. I will never forgive lenovo. I am choosing other brands when I buy pc-laptop-cellphone ,etc. I hope lenovo will bankrupt in few years.

This phone has a message auto fwd option to another phone, which many smartphones don't have.
I may have to change this phone but bcos of this fwd option, don't want to change..
Can anybody tell me which other phone has this option? Thanks in advance.

  • Anonymous

I used this phone for 4 years n still good perform. Even i playing when i charge

My phone got soft bricked.
It keeps restarting , logo appears and then it starts again.
Stuck in bootloop.
Is there Any solution ?

  • Praveen Kumar

Atleast make a update upto (7.1) noughat in Lenovo vibe k5 plus . Which helps easy to run nd long duration of smartphone

  • FW

Akash, 31 Dec 2019K5plus lenovo having a rear camera issue rainbow horizontal... moreyes mine too after 1 year used

  • Akash

Anonymous, 01 Dec 2016My rear camera Also display rainbow colors but my front ca... moreK5plus lenovo having a rear camera issue rainbow horizontal lines are coming

  • Yoshitsune

Tonim89, 22 May 2019The hardware is good, the performance is very nice for game... moreIndeed, to unlock the full potential of this device is almost mandatory to flash a custom ROM

  • NewGuy45247

Ok so, ive had this phone since late 2017 til now (june 2019) and so far I've had a few problems along the past years.

-My phone can no longer vibrate (oof silent mode)
-The - Volume rocker doesn't work anymore (oof screenshot)
-The Google music app sometimes resets
-Some certain apps would restart the UI android system (probably due to being only 2GB ram)

So far this phone has held up and helped me through so many homework files (for school) and my 752 song library.
This phone is pretty good, but please PLEASE get a good case that can protect it to avoid the problems Ive had the past year.

  • Tonim89

The hardware is good, the performance is very nice for games and videos. The problem is the Lenovo software, which is HORRIBLE. It's slow and has a ton of bugs, causing overheat and poor battery life.

  • KXR

k5 plus has so many roms on xda its crazy.
Even has pie roms. Thats good because stock rom gets slow eventually.
Only problem i found is that since it is one of those first 4g devices when in 4g it drains battery fast no matter the rom.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Jul 2018i haVe this phone since2 years now i m trying to update you... moreReset your phone