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  • Reza

Hi. I'm using this phone for about a week. All seems very good.no heating issue.no signal coverage issue.and most important is battery last longer than many other phone outsite there.
-i own both lenovo a7000 plus and this vibe p1 phone.on review that technical specs show that mediatek mtk6752 with mali-t760 mp2 gpu(a7000 plus) is better than qualcomm snapdragon 615 with adreno 405(vibe p1). But from gaming experience using qualcomm is better and responsive.
-my friend using lenovo s860(mediatek mtk6582 and mali-400mp gpu) with 4000mah batery last longer than mine(average use 48hours) mine just got 36hours
-mediatek is much better at battery saving but its not very good.not so smooth and responsive

  • Lenovo

Hi All,

Kindly advise whose camera is better Moto 3 G or Lenovo vibe P1?
Moto 3 G lens aperture is f/2.0 and Lenovo's is F/2.2 ? is it right?

  • AnonD-474171

Win vs droid good to have ur advise and experience here. post more ur opinion about vibe p1.


How much time will p1 takes to charge from 0 to 100 %

  • San

Win vs droid is good to have ur advice and experience here. Post more info for vibe p1.thx

  • San

AnonD-98399, 08 Dec 2015do u have vibe P1 ? please use the phone quite sometimes before ... moreGood answer to Mr here. Win vs droid ur great.just continue your sharing with every body here. Good man.

  • maykelbembibre

AnonD-98399, 08 Dec 2015dont worry. its very good battery life . only 1 thing Lenovo is ... moreWhat does that mean? Lenovo P1 pro will not offer a battery lasting of 250% of a phone with a 2000 mAh battery? I think it should, as 5000 is the 250% of 2000. If it doesn't, probably I will not be totally happy with it.

  • Anonymous

I have been using all sorts of phones this year...from HTC, Samsung S6, Samsung Note 5, A7, A8, Zenfone 2, Zenfone 2 Laser & Selfie etc.....nothing beats this V1 P1 in terms of battery, camera....its for sure slightly slower than your high end with 3gb ram and faster processor but the trade off is definetely worth it. I have been using it for 2 weeks and I like it so much that I bought one more for my office. Normally I charge my phone at least once a day but after changing to P1 I start the day at 9am and by 9pm I still have 40% battery life. Its now 1245am and I still have 30% juice.

  • AnonD-98399

Shashank.G.S, 04 Dec 2015Hi friends, I am willing to buy this phone. I had read an opinio... morei got many NFC enable BT headset , but i always failed to pair with my Samsung A7 . i dont know how to use NFC .
finger print is so sensitive,give a soft touch will do. its even unlock your phone in standby mode. not like Note 4 , u need to turn on the screen then swipe your finger.

  • AnonD-98399

joe2015, 05 Dec 2015Are this vibe p1 no heating issue and have LED notification for ... morei only see blue LED notification light blinking as notification. even i change my whatapps to white color .

  • AnonD-98399

joe2015, 05 Dec 2015Are this vibe p1 no heating issue and have LED notification for ... moretotally i can't feel the heat , even i play 10mins COC or tower defend .

  • AnonD-98399

khandroid, 05 Dec 2015try google maps on GPS and see how quickly it discharges or try... morei answer your doubt
its 5.5mins per 1% , with GPS + Google Map + 3G data + LCD always on ,auto brightness (important , coz non auto you can't see during bright sun light , & its consume a lot battery life)

* i give u a exact example for my Samsung A7 2600mah , after 2 hours drive its gone 4-50% . Vibe P1 only lost 20-25% battery life .

hope you dont stuck by the brand which stick in your heart when compare this phone.
its a perfect phone until today .

  • AnonD-98399

Taz, 06 Dec 2015How long your samsung stand with GPS & wifi on. 4 hoursGPS on , Wifi on wouldnt cost much battery life . but when you use GPS + Map + 3G data , its really kill my Samsung A7 . 2 hours cost 4-50% vs Vibe P1 only cost 18-25% battery life .
5.5mins per 1% , i was in jam tracfic condition.

  • AnonD-98399

khandroid, 06 Dec 2015agreed... i was expecting more from a 5000 mAH battery with ... moreare you really test your device ? dont give a bad word to long lasting battery life phone. in fact its a only hope for the ppl like me who hate powerbank to choose this phone.
Vibe P1 - GPS + Map + 3G is abt 5.5mins per 1 % battery life , in other word , 2600mah samsung A7 after 2 hours drive will cost 4-50% in same condition , Vibe P1 only lost 20-25%(double battery capacity 5000mah) battery life . still plenty of juice in your phone.
most of time when we start GPS , the phone might not in 100% , same like me. that the main issue i hate my Samsung A7 , because after 2 hours samsung only left 19% in my phone. that time you start thinking you need a powerbank. ( i really hate i need to charge my phone when i outdoor)

  • AnonD-98399

Here, 06 Dec 2015Its obivous that huawei g8 is way better than p1 bcuz it have 13... moredo u have vibe P1 ? please use the phone quite sometimes before you give your oppinion to other user. finger print failed to recognize most of time is because u place your thumb in 1 direction , you should try redo register your thumb by 180° from left to right , so you will easy to unlock your phone.
i dont talk much about Huawei , i got a Huawei X1 , so far i cant said bad word to it. battery life is everything.

  • AnonD-98399

irshad, 06 Dec 2015Is there any user of lenovo vibe p1 can tell me about fingerprin... morefinger print sensor its a security lock , not a power button for turn off the phone. you need to register your finger print in " veriety direction " (so u can easy to touch & unlock instead you need to put your finger properly ) upto 10x for the phone to recognize your finger print.

other user is unable to open your phone , unless u borrow your finger to them.

  • AnonD-98399

maykelbembibre, 07 Dec 2015Some of you say that vibe P1 has a very good battery lasting. So... moredont worry. its very good battery life . only 1 thing Lenovo is not state their battery indicator to 250% , as a standard battery 2000mah. although now a day is 3000mah standard.

  • AnonD-98399

AnonD-473869, 08 Dec 2015I have bought Lenovo Vibe P1 2 days ago (got the delivery on Sun... moreCongratulation Vibe P1 team.
totally agree your point of view. i also find out 1 thing Lenovo so smart to auto turn off the 3G data & signal , when you are using wifi. its the most battery killer when you are using other phone with 3G data on. run in 2G only is the way smart than other phone maker

  • AnonD-98399

AnonD-473891, 08 Dec 2015Help! Which is better? Lenovo p1 or Zenfone 2Lenovo Vibe P1.
im the user not going back to Asus Zenfone 2 or 6 anymore due to poor camera quality , lousy battery life. i not blame my zenfone 6 in battery life , but lousy camera & low resolution is a niddle in my heart as well.

P1 u will get all the special spec i had specifie , pls continue read. my early post. so far after 2 week i brought the phone. i still love it so much , maybe battery life is everything to me. you know i start complaint my samsung A7 just within 3 days.

  • San

AnonD-98399, 08 Dec 2015very clear . you only need to put 50% in quiet enviroment , most... moreThanks win vs droid for the info.