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Lenovo Vibe P1

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  • sanjay

its Main body plastic or metal ????

  • Khaja

Prasad, 02 Dec 2015Hi I purchased this product when it releases in the market in ne... moreTell me what about the heating problem?

  • Aditya

Hi friends the fingerprint sensor of this phone is not good as coolpad note 3 , and its bulky also.

  • Shareef

Hi all, I am using this phone from last one month.. I am completely happy with the performance of vibe p1 except the flash light issue which am facing frequently.. One week before flash light was not working on my mobile.. I was searched software update and updated later that it's worked.. But again now it's not working.. This time software is updated one.. So guyz can anyone help me on this..

  • AnonD-84299

Pls pls lenovo lauch this phone with front flash

  • khandroid

AnonD-269949, 04 Dec 2015I would like to describe about the phone a bit. 1. Amazing+++... moretry google maps on GPS and see how quickly it discharges
or try using the playstore on browsing ( 8 hours or less)

not really great for a 5000 mAH battery i thin

  • joe2015

Are this vibe p1 no heating issue and have LED notification for mis call & messaging..???? Thanks

  • maykelbembibre

AnonD-269949, 04 Dec 2015I would like to describe about the phone a bit. 1. Amazing+++... moreIt's very good to read that the battery of Lenovo vibe P1 has a big lasting. I am currently waiting for one that I ordered few days ago. I hope it goes well. I have had very bad luck when it comes to battery lasting on my phones. Even I bought an Innos D6000, a phone with 6000 mAh huge battery, and I couldn't get more than 8 screen on hours.

  • Hari

Prasad, 02 Dec 2015Hi I purchased this product when it releases in the market in ne... moreHi frnd... is this phone bulky to handle? What about its weight and thickness?

  • Chandu

Hi guys, Any one let us know... can we use PDF , Excel and doc files... can i able to configure official mails.. and will it be handy like blackberry and samsung phone

  • AnonD-269949

I would like to describe about the phone a bit.

1. Amazing++++ Battery life (The best in any smartphone)
Believe me guys i am a total freak user of the smartphone, all day my phone is active, till date none of the smartphones has been able to stay for a complete days use. My last cellphone was samsung galaxy s6 edge plus which managed to give a screen on time of 4 to 5hrs(max).
Lets come straight to the point and talk about the Screen on time, for people who dont know what is screen on time please google it, an average phone with 3000mah battery gives around 4 to 5 hrs of screen on time which is huge.
Now coming back to lenovo vibe p1, The screen on time of lenovo vibe p1 with heavy heavy super heavy usage with all time 3g on is between 9.5 to 11.5 hrs.. if you are at home and whole day you are using wifi and not 3g then easily the screen on time crosses 11hrs, might touch 12 hrs as well.. havent tested it till 12 hrs because there hasnt been a single day when my battery reached 0% till i sleep at night.
In my life again i can never ever use a phone again with less battery life(Min 4000mah with fast charging is must).

2. Fast charging (Does it really stay up to the word??)
Yes it does, The lenovo vibe p1 can charge your phone from 0 to 100% in 80 minutes. Can u believe it ?? A 5000mah battery getting charged in such a less time. The best part is i never observed any heating till date while charging (The ones who complain need to get their software updated after which they wont face any such issue).
Usually it happens that i use my phone whole day, get up in the morning by 8 get ready , my phone is ready with 100% .. i leave for work.. i come back from work by 8 pm , the battery is still 50% left with 5 to 6 hrs of screen on time till now. Now if i charge from here it gets charged till 100 in 45 minutes.. and there you are i am ready for 2 more days use.
I have a habit of charging my phones daily otherwise one charge is definitely efficient for 1 & 1/2 days for heavy users like me. For average users 2 days boss guaranteed.
Imagine you are charging for 1 hr and getting battery life of 2 days. isnt it incredible??

3. Performance.
Snapdragon 615 justifies the brand qualcomm... dont worry about performance , its good.

Dont think just go for it. I am not a fanboy or something. i just appreciate what is good & i think lenovo has got bang on this time. Enjoy.. peace..

  • Shashank.G.S

Hi friends, I am willing to buy this phone. I had read an opinion about this phone that if both the sims are 4g sim, then a problem occurs that it automatically switches one sim's network to 2g. Is it true? And can anyone tell me the use of NFC? And finally how does Fingerprint Sensor of this phone works?

  • AnonD-436564

AnonD-204295, 04 Dec 2015I think most pictures posted in facebook or those poping out dur... moreYes, the pictures of fb, browser looks to be very very dull. Any solution of this ? (Note- this is NOT at all an internet issue)

  • Rits

My vibe p1 is unable to register with 3g/4g network on airtel. It shows the network on the list but not registering. Funny thing is that it register with GSM network n works fine.. With my previous phone I was using 3g or 4g pretty fine on same location. Any help?

  • AnonD-436564

Yes, the pictures of fb, browser looks to be very very dull. Any solution of this ? (Note- this is NOT at all an internet issur)

  • AnonD-321636

Hi guys.
Does this phone lags while gaming? becoz i hav seen dat in a review in youtube this phn gets lag while playing games like asphalt 8 in high graphics. and how many fingerprint can we add or set in this phone. and does this phone support languages like Malayalam? pls. reply fast gys as I'm planning to buy this phn

  • San

Do anyone know the vibe p1 call and reception quality ?

  • Nik

I am unable to switch to guest from owner. Its becoming blank after clicking guest. Is this issue same for everyone

  • chichu

Himanshu, 02 Dec 2015Just ipen dailer n type *#*#4636#*#* And check bateey information hai himashu... is everything ok with that mobile(lenovo vibe p1) bcz i want buy that mobile.. can i plz suggest me ...

  • Anonymous

Gopal Sharma, 03 Dec 2015Hello friends can anyone tell me that is this phone having the H... moreYes wifi hotspot function is very much there in settings>more>hotspot