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Lenovo Vibe P1

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  • Afganagar

After 2 years of use, the gps chip got burned... and battery less than half capacity now....well... A great phone! best issue it was accidentaly dropped from about 5m on concrete, thought to fall to bits, but no, surviving was no issue for this phone, while seen others fallen from 40cm got display cracked and had to be thrown out...

  • TechGuy

Hameed, 29 Apr 2018IT is worst phone i have and its killed my the SD card two timeThink you bought a shitty SD card

  • rohit

I am using it since last 2 years . Best phone i ever had .
Battery is just awesome .
Last 2 days while on 4G
3 days on 2G
and I have Continuous Calling requirement .

  • varun

Excellent phone have had it since its launch..working perfectly fine..looking to get Z5 now!!!

  • Hameed

IT is worst phone i have and its killed my the SD card two time


i got lenovo vibe in 2017 may battery is drying out fast need to chargre thrice a day now can use for ironing dress and making calls it is over heating

  • AnonD-738449

I bought this phone in November 2015 from Flipkart at 15999. Battery lasts full day even after using whole day. Speaker is loud and clear. Camera is average. In July 2016 phone stopped working and I gave to service center. It took 45 days for its repair! I paid nothing for repair since it was within one year warranty. Since then phone is working fine. It can still beat Android 7 phones in battery performance.

  • Kashee

I bought Lenovo warrenty is still remaining July 18 I give to repair they demand 1000 due to water inside butt after one month returen it back saying that it is not posibile to repair never bye a fone like this

  • lenovovibe

Is it supports otg

  • AnonD-725858

I bought this phone approximately 1 year ago. I was using a Samsung S4. It is better than S4 except for the camera performance. Lenovo's camera is like a calculator from 1980s...
After creating Secure Zone for second WhatsApp application, the internal storage went crazy. I didn't store any photo or applications right now and I only have 500 MBs left. Where is that all 31 GB data gone, I really don't know.
Dear Lenovo, if you're marketing a dual-sim smartphone you should support dual application too. Everybody asking about this internal storage problem and I couldn't find any satisfactory answer on your forums. You're just repeating "cleaning cash" function.

  • Anonymous

Nearly 1 year ago, I bought my Lenovo Vibe P1 Smartphone which costed me more that Rs. 18,000. The offering was too lucrative to go away and hence I end up purchasing it. After running smooth only for few months, the first problem I encountered was weird functional error which got resolved after software updation from your service centre. Few days back, suddenly the mobile stopped doing its basic function: Making calls as the device is not being able to connect to any network. On visiting your service centre in Sector-10, Noida, which looked extremely clumsy and shady, they asked to submit the phone for checking purpose. Post 7 days of keeping in service centre, eventually your service centre responded with a Motherboard failure, (which I definitely expected) and asked me to shell out 10000/- for same.

Are you, Lenovo guys think itÂ’s a joke that someone bought the phone for more than Rs.18000 and then would make numerous rounds of service centre and end up with a toy phone just after a year. Do you really think that you guys can survive with this policy and make profit by making your customers fool?

  • oninomous

Mohd Irfan, 28 Aug 2017Does he support 2 4G sim in same timeyup

  • AnonD-717357

hi guys forgive me for my bad English
from two days my vibration become weak for no reason
but when i shake it return strong but after 3 minutes become weak
this is hardware or software problem

  • Amal

It is an utter waste if we consider the feature and price...it doesn't support volte...it is having hardware complaint...my fingerprint sensor giveup after 1 year...no update is available for more than a year...

  • Anonymous

Rajesh, 16 Jul 2017Before 15 days, I was updating my phone to marshmallow 6.0 versi... moreThis happens to everyone internet stops working through phone calls its the sim not the cellphone only wifi keeps working

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Jun 2017Same problem in my phone too ..... @ service center they told L... moreI got one, it is not so bad for £125(new).
Replecement screen part £20 see aliexpress
And check few video on youtube
Few hour job or ask professional if you supply the part

  • Lenovohaternow

Does anyone tried to replace the LCD&digitizer or touchscreen?if so, how was it?I'm just afraid if it will not last that long or will not function well after new replacement.

  • SU

Anonymous, 17 Feb 2016Hi.. just go to settings. Data usage. where data usage on every ... moreDear, Thanks alot. It worked by this way. I have been worried for three days for this trouble. And this issue is resolved just in a minute. Best regards.

  • Sanjib Talukdar

One of the worst phone ever made by any company. Looking at the price it's don't even give VOLTE update. The worst experience with this phone . Request all don't even think Lenovo smart phone. It's not smart at all.

  • Anonymous

Aju, 20 Sep 2017Being a user for 1.5 years. I wanna tell something to the user... morewhat about battery backup???