Lenovo Vibe P1 Turbo

Lenovo Vibe P1 Turbo

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  • Yudidgood
  • Khs
  • 20 Jun 2022

User, 10 Oct 2021Please suggest if I should upgrade software or not. What ar... moredont you ever do it. better up old version software

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    • Price saiyen
    • rAR
    • 13 Oct 2021

    One of the best phone ever build
    Mine is still kicking
    Even in heavy workload of today's software it's still keeping up

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      • User
      • 6PR
      • 10 Oct 2021

      Please suggest if I should upgrade software or not. What are advantages and disadvantages of doing so. Thanks

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        • Alwana
        • fI{
        • 12 Sep 2021

        Mine is still going strong. in service more than 5 year

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          • Anonymous
          • y$g
          • 20 Jun 2021

          Stong build, still using till now. Although NFC doesn't work work anymore.

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            • Chris
            • r3a
            • 20 Apr 2021

            bukenyam, 26 Jul 2019am looking for the screen touch of Lenovo Vibe P1a42My phone get hot quick why ?

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              • Anonymous
              • u14
              • 08 Feb 2021

              I bought 3 P1 turbo at the same time. All the phone are still working in February 2021.
              Excellent Build Quality for the standards of budget-mid range in 2016. Buggy software. Hard reset doesn't work in these phones as if it was disabled by the firmware. Physical buttons got stuck after 1.5 years of usage in all three of them. Now I am using them with gestures and other software to control volume and power button. Phone gets frozen ones in a while due to software issues and would have to wait for 1-2 days for the battery to drain completely to switch it back on since physical buttons don't work. There were no updates to fix those issues. Don't wanna ever use this as a primary driver just using without sim cards

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                • Imn
                • Kxc
                • 21 Oct 2019

                Oct 2019. My p1 turbo still goin on... Loves it

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                  • bukenyam
                  • mcx
                  • 26 Jul 2019

                  am looking for the screen touch of Lenovo Vibe P1a42

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                    • Anonymous
                    • PA7
                    • 02 Apr 2019

                    mmm, 27 Jun 2018bad market, bad phonei am iphone and galaxy note user, and p1 on par quality (not speed), p1 seen a lot use by IT manager. Are you mi, oppo or luna marketing?

                      Have been using my P1a42 for 2 years, this is my 2nd Lenovo phone.
                      Reckon that is so good on its battery & performance.
                      Lenovo hasn't has any new update for new OS version, just 1 update for Android 6.x
                      Phone selection should based on how you want to use it, for me it's long life baterry, GPS, 4G and online surfing. For these point, P1a42 is still the best choice so far.

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                        • Suresh
                        • DkV
                        • 27 Nov 2018

                        OPINION GURU, 27 Jul 2017Is that phone VOLTE updated ?My phone is not volte

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                          • Gautam
                          • 7ka
                          • 26 Oct 2018

                          doharey, 19 Dec 2017I do agree with u dude....Even a 1500 buck feature phone ji... morePls don't blame company the phone I am using is P1 turbo though it has been my daily driver for 4 years and without any lag and even though the gorilla glass 3 got damaged I can play pubg without a lag you don't even use phone for such long time and just want flagship grade performance in old phone how ride of you. Thank you

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                            • xez
                            • nDK
                            • 29 Sep 2018

                            a geat phone but camera is the biggest garbage i saw since vga cameras......crap.

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                              • rhega
                              • 6cd
                              • 21 Aug 2018

                              I will never touch any lenovo phone device... The update is slow or its will never happen.

                              I sell this phone and bought other phone who can upgrade to latest os.

                              This phone is great but the support is worse
                              Dont buy this phone or other lenovo series. Waste tour money...

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                                • mmm
                                • CAx
                                • 27 Jun 2018

                                bad market, bad phone

                                  It's been like 2 weeks using my phone and it's pretty good for a phone I picked up as a Used phone under 100 Bucks which is a pretty awesome deal to be honest. The only thing that buggers me with the phone is the inconsistent battery. I've dual wielding this phone with my old Moto E3 Power and with a difference of 1400mah the E3 Power somehow beats it in YT/Gaming wise but the Turbo wins if I only use YouTube but if I just use gaming in the Turbo it beats the E3 Power. Pretty weird. Another one of my hatred is the Stand By time for this phone sucks but as I said before inconsistent. The phone has heat problems if you are constantly playing so try to get a case which is pretty rare except you want those silicon ones. I don't if my problems are because of software or not but if you are a heavy user buy it or you can save up some money to get the big brother the P2 or a Moto E4 Plus or Moto E5 Plus which are two cheap phones with great battery

                                    GT, 30 Apr 2018Anyone facing issue like...Phone boots randomly and stuck o... moreFor the first couple of days Yes it does that but as the weeks go on it disappears

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                                      • GT
                                      • GQi
                                      • 30 Apr 2018

                                      Anyone facing issue like...Phone boots randomly and stuck on Lenovo logo screen...Sometimes 10mins...30mins

                                        Rajneesh, 13 Dec 2016This phone is very bad, I don't have advise to buy this pho... moreYour English is way worse than the phone. In my experience there is no problem with the phone. You should know that Lenovo isn't a regular phone maker so buy it at your own risk. Stop complaining like a little baby.