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Lenovo Vibe X3

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  • Ajinkya

Ume , 21 Jun 2019Where i can buy this smartphone?? I can't find it everywhere.. Its production has already been stopped since 2016. Also the updates were stopped.
I had one bt lost it because of water damage 😓

I have something to say about this phone camera. It has very good 21mp camera but without ois.
The picture quality taken in day light is excellent because it looks natural and the color is almost acurrate than other high end phones. Even it only has 3X digital zoom but the quality is amazing and almost like optical zoom.
The video quality is also very good in terms of color accuracy.Great for static video.
But in low light situation the camera performance is the weaknesess because it looks under exposed and the video stabilisation is pretty weak.

Ume , 21 Jun 2019Where i can buy this smartphone?? I can't find it everywhere.. Out of production since mid 2016.

This to me the best Lenovo smartphone ever created. I have one and for its asking price provided stellar hardware. However the software is little buggy and sometimes needs a restart. Lenovo phone often have software issues, hence it is not a specific case for this handset.

The phone was known for its performance, one of the best display in the market, awesome audiophile grade audio quality through 3.5 mm headphone jack and the best stereo inbuilt speaker ever adorned in a phone. I still own this phone and love it every bit as of today.

  • Ume

Where i can buy this smartphone??
I can't find it everywhere..

  • v

I have used this phone and i have used lenovo k4 note. Not much different.
lenovo and motrola have a lot of bugs in their software . sad. Thats why i prefer Redmi for performance and Samsung for multimedia. But samsung lags and redmi has a skin that some like some dont

  • v

ravi, 03 May 2017lenovo vibe x3 have VoLte support. don't fool people. i use reli... moreDude VOLTE means calling without using JIO app. If you are using JIO voice app for calling ........then you dont have volte. VOLTE is where you dont need any app.

  • Soubhagya

Can i get opinions on jio sim usage as it always disconnects every now nd then
PS- I am not able to play clash of clans properly on jio sim as it always disconnects the network while playing the game

  • Theknowmobileguy

Ps listen with turbo hi fi on if plugging in ur headphone
Use atleast soundmagic e10c headphone

Always do hard rest once u upgrading from lolipop to marshmallow.

Worth mentioning
1. Audiophile capabilities
2.Display is gorgeous
3. Front cam rock rear sucks
4. Crisp call quality
5. Low sar value
6. Build still premium

Enjoy the audio

  • Theknowmobileguy

Its almost 3 year with my lenovo vibe x3 still its rock solid. The phone has rock hard audiophile capabilities still knock off recent audiophile its warm tones take me to the another world as world renowned lenovo bullsh!t support. Speaker is a bliss to listen. Yes i upgraded it from lolipop to marshmallow the speaker loudness go down but its more on warmer side now the separation is phenomenal either with speaker or headphone.

P.S dont use Dolby atmos it sucks listen on turbo mode if plugg8

  • Anonymous

What is the latest Marshmallow update to vibe X3 and is it stable one? I haven't updated my device to Marshmallow yet and for the past 2.8 years I have been using v5. As I heard there are bugs which will spoil audio experience. Please let me know on the stability of the latest firmware.

  • Jj

Buy a new one
Its 6.0 android already....

  • Anonymous

There is software update to Android 6.0.1 so no issues with this phone

  • inmorthex

Hardware the best,very good audiophile,but software is bullshit.

  • Amit

Anonymous, 28 Apr 2017I am using vibe x3 with the preloaded lollipop os. Did not upda... moreAgreed....really need to attention towards software part( like os updation, volte, bug fix etc...)

  • mintya

please launch in orio android system with dual sim and dedicated memory slots dual rear camera front flash with minimum 8mp and sound quality like Lenovo Vibe K4 note

  • xyz

does our vibe x3 have hspa or HSPA + .....or is it just 4g.? is volte possible with rooting the device ?

  • vish

Why is VOLTE so important ? When airtel vodafone and idea offer similar packages as JIO sim nowadays and in many areas the download speeds of other carriers are much higher than JIO. So why does anyone need VOLTE unless they only want to stick to JIO sim. ? JIO charges around 450 Rs for 70 days and so does airtel vodafone and idea. all of them have 1 gb day per day. So why does one need JIO and why does one need VOLTE when other carriers are there ?

  • Vibe x3 user

Trips, 09 May 2017I bought a used X3 after my wonderful experience with K4 Note. T... moreYou need to change its LCD, mine the same before, sent it to service centre and when I got back it was still the same, the second time they replaced it's LCD for me, after that no issue found. It is LCD problem.

  • Angahaz 23

Anonymous, 10 Jan 2018great phone but shitty Lenovo support!!!yup..totally agreed

  • sougat

Using it for almost 2 years and its still one of the best audiophile phone , only if lenovo had been a little more supporting with bug fixes and updates.