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  • vish

Why is VOLTE so important ? When airtel vodafone and idea offer similar packages as JIO sim nowadays and in many areas the download speeds of other carriers are much higher than JIO. So why does anyone need VOLTE unless they only want to stick to JIO sim. ? JIO charges around 450 Rs for 70 days and so does airtel vodafone and idea. all of them have 1 gb day per day. So why does one need JIO and why does one need VOLTE when other carriers are there ?

  • Vibe x3 user

Trips, 09 May 2017I bought a used X3 after my wonderful experience with K4 Note. T... moreYou need to change its LCD, mine the same before, sent it to service centre and when I got back it was still the same, the second time they replaced it's LCD for me, after that no issue found. It is LCD problem.

  • Angahaz 23

Anonymous, 10 Jan 2018great phone but shitty Lenovo support!!!yup..totally agreed

  • sougat

Using it for almost 2 years and its still one of the best audiophile phone , only if lenovo had been a little more supporting with bug fixes and updates.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Nov 2017Just out of curiosity, I wonder how well the speakers of vibe x3... moreDude pls just stop comparing phones from 3 years ago to a recent one.

  • Anonymous

great phone but shitty Lenovo support!!!

  • Vibe x3 user

Vibex3, 05 Dec 2017That's what I observed..:) I don't know Y lenovo remembered vib... moreMay b Lenovo wants to kill vibe x3 model by giving some update with bugs so we get frustrated completely and buy new mobile and throw it.

  • Vibex3

Theknowmobileguy, 04 Dec 2017Its not security patch its firmware update but i hardly notice a... moreThat's what I observed..:)
I don't know Y lenovo remembered vibex3 after a very long time..
Is there anything to expect??

  • Theknowmobileguy

I hv been using this Mobile since more than 20months now i dint find any major flaw despite shity lenovo update features. Though after updating from lolipop to marshmellow i dont face any issues just 2 3 glitches like phone camera app slow down n crash sometime and call quality drop sometime rest its still best phone till 2017
1. Sound quality still rock solid speaker as well headphone i use xtz dsp player its best combo.
Phone is truly audiophile grade and i guess its best then v10 or v20 clarity wise. With hi fi on its bestest natural clarity
2.display is amazing
3.front camera is awesome
4.call reception is good
5.no heating issue till i faced
6.finger print work like charm
7.battery phenomenonal heavy usage for 16 to 18 hrs, moderate usage 1.5days, normal use 2-2.5 days

I love my lenovo vibe x3 just disappointed with volt update.
I dont need nougat update i just want volt update
And at last not least lenovo software team sucks
I dint even find any teardown video of lenovo vibe x3

No volt update damn🤒
Lenovo ruining its image and i guessed ruined it🤣🤣🤣&#1­29315;

  • Theknowmobileguy

Vibe x3, 03 Dec 2017Hii guys...I got an update ...actually a security patch I think.... moreIts not security patch its firmware update but i hardly notice any changes i before installing thought it might be volt update but my guess was wrong

  • Vibe x3

Hii guys...I got an update ...actually a security patch I think...Does anybody got this update??
Need some Opinions and changes regarding this update!

  • Anonymous

Just out of curiosity, I wonder how well the speakers of vibe x3 fares against the newly launched Razer phone?

  • Anonymous

vicky, 05 Nov 2017Vibe x3 or k4 note which has better camera reults ?Vibe X3 has an overall better camera sensors; rear and front facing and the quality of the photos they can capture is quite impressive. The K4 Note's cameras aren't that far behind though, they still can capture decent photos with proper lighting and filters. One of the major selling points with the Vibe X3's camera is its ability to capture videos @4k quality. Though both the Vibe X3 and K4 Note's camera sensors lack image stabilization - which is a crucial feature in mobile digital photgraphy.

  • vicky

Vibe x3 or k4 note which has better camera reults ?

  • AnonD-712133

Anonymous, 24 Sep 2017This phone's audio quality is just astonishing. It's like the LG... moreSuper agree!!

  • buray

my lenovo vibe x3 is the best after updating to marshmallow. no problem at all. hope there is nougat for it

  • AnonD-510719

We wont get any update, it's Lenovo's policy to give only 1 android upgrade.

I got 1 question for dev
is it possible to flash nexus 5x android oreo to this device...

Since they both have same SoC.
But nexus 5x doesnt have 2ndsim + sd card + ir blaster & dolby.

"Please someone flash it who dont use this phone "

  • Anonymous

AnonD-513462, 03 Dec 2016Which are the best economical and good bass earphones for Vibe X... morePhilips tx2,it`s in enough.

  • Anonymous

This phone's audio quality is just astonishing. It's like the LG V10 with two amazing front-firing stereo speakers and Dolby Atmos. The only downside of this phone is its manufacturer. With no announcements of updates and a bad customer service, it's disappointing. It's their flagship phone for heaven's sake! An Android N and bug fixes will suffice.

  • ratnesh

i have small bisnuess ,since i m using lenovo phone my life become haven ,i have 10 phone only lenovo brand and getting another 2 phone x3 is the best ever i got it i,my some phone old as 7 years unitl to day i didnt change battrey