Lenovo Vibe X3

Lenovo Vibe X3

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  • AnonD-426459

AnonD-490650, 19 Jan 2016Thanks, I really apreciate your site. Would you please inform... morePlease my pro
did you get a reply ?

  • AnonD-490650

Thanks, I really apreciate your site.

Would you please inform us when is this phone going to be released to the rest of the world (other than China).? And, the anticipated price if possible.

I'm mainly interested in Saudi Arabia, and, the 64 GB version of it.

Many, many thanks for your efforts.

  • AnonD-408101

We need a review of this phone... Thanks in advance GSMArena!

  • AnonD-431313

One problem...SAR Rating. If somebody knows the sar rating pls tell

  • dj

Does Lenovo Vibe X3 support ThearterMax technology? As provided in Lenovo K4 Note. Bcoz I saw it in video wherein a Lenovo executive was showing to interviewer by wearing a ANTVR headset at CES 2016.

  • Anonymous

GSMARENA please make a review for the Lenovo x3

  • Asurasonic

Better if compared to LG V10 and Huwei Mate S in term of camera and price.

  • rafi

when compared to price go for miezu mx5

yes, it is far better than K4 note but pricing is all wrong . It is SD80- with 3 gb RAM alright but if u see the pricing it is exorbitant. I am using Qiku with same specs at Rs 20000 but this is rumored to be priced at Rs 30000/- for 64 gb variant. When u have phones like oneplus 2 , at such lower price point why people will bother for this?

  • Anonymous

What is radiation level?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-394633, 09 Jan 2016Xiomi mi 5 the great phoneVary gud this phone

  • Anonymous

NeonHD, 12 Jan 2016The Vibe X3 should have been the better K4 Note! It is far better than k4 note. It is adorning sd808 not mtk 6753!

  • AnonD-92745

in malaysia, we already can pre-order the phone. it price is rm1899.

  • Anonymous

Vibe X3 is a sure winner if it is priced around Rs 16000 in India. That's going to blast competition out of the ground. Lenovo can do it for once. If K4 note can be priced around Rs 12000,then it is also possible. Rs 16k price will take care of the competition in 12k-20k range. That's a big range by the way.

  • Naveen

Nice feature smartphone in lenovo vibe x3 iam wait

  • Mahesh

The status says it's released in Marked i.e. December 2015 but as of today it's not avilable in stores or online to purchase.
Over all the features sounds amazing, also the 3600 mah battery is very good for this smart phone

The Vibe X3 should have been the better K4 Note!

  • Alamgir Hossain

If u give Lenovo Vibe X3 Price amount by Malaysia Ringit

  • AnonD-482919

Why capacitive buttons!!!!!

  • AnonD-487282

Now that's a real Dolby Atmos phone....
How to find if it is a real dolby digital or dolby atmos phones??