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  • Naga

Updated marshmallow. Following are the observations.

1. Phone is butter smooth in operation.

2.Ram management does not seem to be great. Only 1.3 GB is available on first boot. On use of a number of apps reduces to 500 MB or less. However, importantly despite of lesser ram none of the applications lag or hang.

3. Heating is reduced. Temperature does not go beyond 36 degrees even on continuos heavy usage. Used to go beyond 40 in lollipop.

3.upto 5 fingerprint can be set up and fingerprint can be set up as app lock. However after phone is in idle condition for long does not unlock with fingerprint and sometimes asks for pattern as additional security.But this happens only sometimes.

4. Sound on speaker is reduced. Volume level needs to be raised to full unlike in lollipop. Not as loud as earlier in lollipop. Hope update improves the same. Not a major con for me as I use headphones more than speaker. Not too bad though.

4. Sound quality on headphones seems to be the same but loudness is reduced.

5.All apps after installation ask for permissions when used for first time. If any permission is not granted apps crash or do not open. Even contact manager didn't work when few permissions were denied.

6. Charging time is the same for battery. Battery back up seems to be same as in lollipop for me.

7.Reset after installation of marshmallow is better to be done for best performance

I did a factory reset before and after installation of marshmallow.

My recommendation is to go for the update if your priority is performance. Performance of phone has definitely improved and is extremely smooth after update , except for audio which may be set right in future updates.

If audio on speaker is your main priority you may wait for sometime.

Thanks to lenovo for providing marshmallow, but release an update soon to set audio quality back to top notch as it was in lollipop.

  • Anonymous

Androi 6.0 antutu benchmark score???

  • Max

Lenovo guys please respond to our queries after the update the phone quality degraded....pls fix this update ASAP
Marshmallow update

  • Anonymous

AnonD-556232, 04 Jul 2016guys whats the best case for this and also whats the best temper... moreTarkan Hybrid Case ..Black and White Colour suits

  • AnonD-398801

After updating my vibe x3 to Android 6.0.1 . I have noticed may changes. They are :
1-Ram memory was decreased from 1500 MB to 900 MB because of fingerprint scanner option where we can more than 2 fingerprints.
2-We can secure our apps without downloading any fingerprint applock applications from play store by default we can secure our apps
3-Battery was draining fastly because of marshmallow
4-Speaker Sound was reduced for shake of our future purposes to avoid speaker problems
5- camera is not good

  • topoy

done updating marshmallow 6.0.1

as of today i'm not encountering any problem like camera malfunctioning, battery draining fast, sound issue or on finger print scanner. only the RAM is lower than before, 1500mb turns to 800mb after the update.

i'm from the philippines. thank you.

  • AnonD-512395

vibe X3 user, 06 Jul 2016Don't update bro, you will only 900 MB RAM after upgrade and wid... moreThank you for your suggestion. But as yiu are asking me to update the phone till 51 MB. Do i need to really upgarde it? Are there any improvements in this upgrade?

  • Gaivy

Hlo frns. I m plaining to buy this phone? Can u suggest should i buy this or not.?

  • NSP

After marshmallow update. Probably follows
Camera lag when review pic. Also snap shutter speed slow.
Ram men available is less.
Also some app lags.
Battery fast drain.

  • Robin

jvijay, 04 Jul 2016Disable screen overlay setting for all the apps, then give requi... moreHow?

  • AnonD-556232

goku24, 05 Jul 2016the marshmallow update has reduced the loudness of the dolby eff... moreWhich headphones are u using

  • kk

When keyboard is on in any app.....n thn if we tap on recent button it wont work...the app crashes every...time.....any one having this problem?... plz suggest solution.

  • Kalpesh

I found that after Marshmallow update battery is draining fast. I bought the phone this week reading reviews that Vibe X3 battery is very good and last for 24 hr for moderate use. However I have to change twice a day.. Not sure if this is due to Marshmallow update.

  • Anonymous

What is this symbol N)) beside battery

  • AnonD-556232

Does any one find stuck pixels I found one stuck pixel it stays blue and does not change color should I replace the phone ? Plus help can anybody suggest good case and tempered glass for this device

  • Nix

Camera lagging issues.. wenever i click a pic nd try to see it.. the phone starts lagging.. marshmallow probs i guess

  • vibe X3 user

AnonD-512395, 05 Jul 2016I am using this phone now more than 3 months and i am very happy... moreDon't update bro, you will only 900 MB RAM after upgrade and wide touch has to disabled for the settings for Screen Overlay Detected error message, otherwise all applications will stop working due to this error message.
Not finding any better experience comparing to Lollipop OS in Vibe X3, you can update till last update that was 51 MB, then don't upgrade it Marshmallow.

  • AnonD-555219

goku24, 05 Jul 2016the marshmallow update has reduced the loudness of the dolby eff... moreYes, it's unsolved even after factory reset.

  • Majnu

After marshmallow update the following problems are noticed on my vibe x3:
1. Free RAM is now low at 800Mb. Before update it was at around 1500 MB.
2. One touch clearing of recent apps not working for the first attempt many times. I have to press once more to clear the apps.
3. Battery drains fastly.

  • Vinod B

During my stay in USA I got system update for Marshmellow, which I did upgrade. Subsequently, the camera functon is not working properly,i.e.the actual colours & the one captured by camera are different. Green is shown as blue. Can anyone helpme on this ???