Lenovo Vibe X S960

Lenovo Vibe X S960

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  • techguy443
  • uCp
  • 19 Sep 2023

Symon, 04 Feb 2018Bought from KL in January 2014. Dropped in the sea water in... moreIt sucks. Outdated Android, Really sluggish performance, really bad interface, and cracked after a light drop. Thankfully this little piece of shit is discontinued. The Zenfone C is way better.

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    • Symon
    • X{j
    • 04 Feb 2018

    Bought from KL in January 2014. Dropped in the sea water in Gilli Island in 2016. The touch screen stopped working since then. Felt really sorry for the phone as I liked it very much. Went back to KL and tried to get it repaired. No luck. Asking a price of a fortune to repair it. Decided not to repair and bought another phone instead. The phone was perfectly ok except the touch screen. So I kept it with me. In January 2018, took the phone to a repair shop in Dhaka. It took 20 min and the touch is working again just like new. What a charm! Started using it again!

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      • Anonymous
      • 8$}
      • 04 Sep 2017

      This is my first smartphone, and I've had it for some 1.5 years. Its screen resolution is great, though not its brightness. It is light and thin. I always keep it inside my pocket; the glass looks perfect and the aluminum back pretty much so. It's fallen a few times with no issues afterward. However, I find this phone slow and unresponsive, and I've always had trouble with mobile data (I don't know what to blame: the carrier, the OS or the hardware). I need to restart it every so often as data stop working (I've already replaced the SIM card, to no avail). If I forget to turn off the screen and put the phone in my pocket, countless apps get started, and I notice it by the heat I feel on my leg coming from the phone. I'd figure smart phones are smart enough to notice that, but not this one.

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        • riyo
        • sEG
        • 02 Sep 2017

        AnonD-684727, 15 Jul 2017I am using this about half year. I like it so much. *very ... moreCan update to lollipop?

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          • Anonymous
          • fuw
          • 02 Aug 2017

          mine fell and refuse coming up, dont knw what to do

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            • AnonD-684727
            • RJi
            • 15 Jul 2017

            AnonD-625514, 27 Dec 2016I had used for 2 years and a half and it is one of the best... moreI am using this about half year. I like it so much.
            *very light
            *high resolution LCD screen
            *very good gorilla glass
            *lenovo security app useful for privacy
            so far so good.

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              • Nisam
              • Trn
              • 13 Feb 2017

              Warwin, 28 Jan 2017Is this set can work as 4gNO.It Does not Support 4G

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                • Warwin
                • g}v
                • 28 Jan 2017

                Is this set can work as 4g

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                  • feeq
                  • tVn
                  • 20 Jan 2017

                  After a year of using, the performance is good so far. No laggy, the camera is quite superb.

                  But there's some issues here, heating problem. Especially when i open the camera, the phone heats so fast. It took about 3 hours for the phone to fully charge. The battery also drained so fast, within 4 hours.

                  I stopped using this phone when the screen slowly turned black until i can't see anything. Instead of repairing the phone, i would rather buy a new phone.

                  2/5 stars only. Not highly recommended :')

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                    • jacky chan
                    • X{3
                    • 01 Jan 2017


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                      • AnonD-625514
                      • nxy
                      • 27 Dec 2016

                      I had used for 2 years and a half and it is one of the best mobiles I had so far. Excellent.

                      The highest inconvenient is that I didn´t know you can have google market on it so you can´t install all the app you would like to, but apart from that, very good.

                      If I had any problem, I reset and it started to work as new

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                        • Anonymous
                        • p4M
                        • 15 Dec 2016

                        DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE. there are better options with same price. The OS has a lot of bugs. It discharges fast because of it's big display and bad battery. Sometimes it has this bug that you can't do anything with the phone, it's almost bricked (you can't charge it, you can't connect it to PC, you can't turn it on/off or restart and you can't enter etc.) you just have to wait like 1-2 days until it discharges completely and then you can charge it back up and use it - happened to me like 5 times or more

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                          • Anonymous
                          • nCJ
                          • 19 Nov 2016

                          i have this phone for almost 2 years now. design wise it is really great, very light and slim, however it does have lots of issues like the name of contact is not showing for either call or sms even though contact was saved in agenda. no notification pops out for incoming messages from apps such as whatsup/facebook. at times, when answering or finishing calls it got hanging so i could not pick up or end call. several times when placing calls weird and extremely loud noises could be heard, this came and went a couple of times. From my overall experience i would not recommend it :(

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                            • aqulinox
                            • gId
                            • 16 Nov 2016

                            Can you change the battery? Does it require unscrewing of some sort?

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                              • Eri
                              • m4I
                              • 06 Nov 2016

                              raja, 05 Sep 2016Lenovo s960 sport 4g or notOnly 3g

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                                • Eri
                                • m4I
                                • 06 Nov 2016

                                Ninareita, 03 Oct 2016I've used this phone for almost 2years..sometimes hang but ... moreAbout volume when u speak on phone works well ? And when listen music works good ..???

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                                  • Ninareita
                                  • KZ8
                                  • 03 Oct 2016

                                  I've used this phone for almost 2years..sometimes hang but overalls is ok..front camera and main camera is awesome..watching movie or drama is great..i also used as my game phone..

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                                    • inno
                                    • 3sE
                                    • 30 Sep 2016

                                    Pretty, 07 Apr 2016Ya..it's very goodIts very good don't have problems with mine after one year now, its been perfect.

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                                      • nim
                                      • KAq
                                      • 26 Sep 2016

                                      worst cell ever....please do not buy this stupid cell....i bought it for 23 k....in one year only the display started malfunctioning....when i went to fix up that ,the service center told me that it will cost 10 k for the display and touch pad combo....who the hell will give that much...some how i managed a first copy display and the very next month the cell started hanging...now the only thing i can see is the stupid lenovo logo and nothing else till the battery gets discharged

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                                        • Natu
                                        • vV5
                                        • 12 Sep 2016

                                        AnonD-577031, 27 Aug 2016Pro tips: factory reset will make your phone like new or so... moreif your phone has no reception or signal issue, just force a phone call..your phone will tell you that your airplane mode is in even though it is not showing..good luck