Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab

Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab

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  • Anonymous
  • 7tP
  • 31 Jan 2021

Does what's app work on this tablet ? Not of scaning like web but an app also not cracked like apk...?

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    • ARTee
    • n3X
    • 29 Jan 2021

    Aihammad, 02 Nov 2020Dear All,, Does this Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab (YT-X705F), (H... moreX705L has sim card

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      • Raven
      • 4Av
      • 29 Jan 2021

      Android 10 update is now available

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        • Anonymous
        • B3n
        • 20 Jan 2021

        Has the HD streaming issue (Netflix, Amazon Prime Video) been fixed with the latest update to Android 10?

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          • Anonymous
          • B3n
          • 20 Jan 2021

          Carmanen , 13 Jan 2021Finally got Android 10 update for this beast yesterday! I g... moreDid the update to Android 10 fix the Netflix HD problem?

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            • Carmanen
            • mtn
            • 13 Jan 2021

            Finally got Android 10 update for this beast yesterday! I got Nordic 4G model.

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              • kapqa
              • BQ@
              • 27 Dec 2020

              it does support other than wifi also ethernet connection with a usb-c to ethernet adapter plus bluetooth tethering over when connected to a bluetooth pan.
              very good battery life, good sound thanks to the incorporated soundbar.

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                • Anonymous
                • IsK
                • 02 Dec 2020

                Simon, 26 Sep 2020Does lenovo have a sim card port???Yes, it has a microSD card port up to 256GB.

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                  • Anonymous
                  • Rxc
                  • 05 Nov 2020

                  Aihammad, 02 Nov 2020Dear All,, Does this Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab (YT-X705F), (H... moreit says in the specification that this model does not have or support network connection other than wifi.

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                    • Aihammad
                    • p{X
                    • 02 Nov 2020

                    finch, 14 Sep 2020I don't really get it, there is a Smart tab with 3/4 G... moreDear All,,
                    Does this Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab (YT-X705F),
                    (HAVE SIM CARD)

                    it seems that X705X have // X705L doesn't have

                    any help felles

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                      • Carmanen
                      • JcT
                      • 02 Oct 2020

                      Simon, 26 Sep 2020Does lenovo have a sim card port???It depends on the model, mine is 4G model. I guess there are Wi-Fi only models too. I think it’s region specific, i have european nordic model with 4G.

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                        • Simon
                        • H5M
                        • 26 Sep 2020

                        Does lenovo have a sim card port???

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                          • finch
                          • nD5
                          • 14 Sep 2020

                          I don't really get it, there is a Smart tab with 3/4 GB ram and 32/64 GB flash and LTE conectivity. Same processor, same screen, battery, and all identical. IT's called YT-X705L/X, L being with LTE and X without. The info is somewhat confusing, some websites are claiming they have it on stock, others don't. Anyways, the price is higher than claimed, in the range of ~350-400 $.

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                            • Croatia
                            • 3@g
                            • 25 Aug 2020

                            Best tablet!! I have with 4G, screen, sound is best with JBL stereo speakers, very good Lenovo!! Battery super!!!!!No problem with wi-fi, works fine!

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                              • M1999
                              • nXq
                              • 23 Jun 2020

                              I was just curious about this tab, not plans buying it. Just curious why everyone is complaining about the amount of RAM. My android phone has 4GB of RAM, i have 98 tabs in chrome running atm, whatsapp, gallery and Snapchat, and no problems at all. If there is more RAM, the system will use more RAM (idk why). My previous tablet is still running smoothly on 3GB of RAM. My current tablet also uses less than 3GB 95% of the time. Both midrange processors. Just dont try to run multiple heavy apps at the same time, amd you will be fine.

                              Processor is really bad though for this price range

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                                • Mihail
                                • nTd
                                • 14 May 2020

                                Nice design. Good sound. Problematic wifi. After the last update of the system , it freezes too often and needs restart.

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                                  • zzii
                                  • s07
                                  • 09 May 2020

                                  Adul Al Salami Kebab, 13 Nov 2019You do not really need more than 2-3GB... True.For browsing web and streaming 3,4Gigas are more than enought.I have a 7" Sony z3 tablet that i bought maybe 5,6 years ago and still runs more than a dozen opened tabs in chrome flawless.The problem is to find a proper replacement for such great tab..super light,comfortable.But was expensive at the time..about 400€.

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • nwW
                                    • 01 May 2020

                                    Anonymous, 15 Nov 2019When it comes to RAM, you do need a lot. When it comes to p... moreYou truly have no idea of what you are talking about.
                                    phones are enough with 3 gbs of ram, normal laptops and pcs can handle pretty much everything with 8 gbs. Nobody needs that much ram. Regular 2018 ipad has 2gb ram and it works better than any garbage android tablet with 3 or even 4 gb ram. Different things like an optimized OS are far more important.
                                    whenever i use an apple product i simply dont care about the specs. Everything is so flawless. Android is different. Like this tablet has 4gbs of ram and it still wont run pubg with proper graphics. My old iphone 7 plus run it on hd and that phone is like from 2015.
                                    And also, this tablet is made for media consumption, not gaming. If you want to game, just get a ps4, it costs around 300 eur and is much better than playing on a phone, laptop or a pc.

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                                      • D Srinivasan
                                      • KAy
                                      • 14 Jan 2020

                                      yet to be in India . Can anyone tell me when it will be launced in india

                                        Downgrade from Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro.

                                        I had Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro and it was sizzling, with great battery life, detailed screen and quality sound. But after years of intensive use, the battery died, and that was the end.

                                        I bought this tab thinking it could be a good substitute. But I guess not.
                                        The screen has lower resolution, so the pixel density is nowhere close to 300 ppi of my old tablet.

                                        The sound is just okay, but I'm missing the front speakers....Audio quality is satisfactory in terms of loudness, but the refinement is lacking. And the new version of Doby Atmos available is nothing to write home about. I still have Lenovo Phablet2 Pro as a reference for great Dolby Atmos performance.

                                        I give it 3 stars out of 5.
                                        Buy if you must. But skip it otherwise.