Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 8.0 

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 8.0

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  • Dimitris2311

Amazing tablet. Use it after 5 years and it works great.
Recently I copied everything and made a factory reset. Helped a lot.
Ok it takes a bit to load and some bigger apps also but everythings one they load they run smooth and battery is very good :)

What does this record video in?

  • Anonymous

Do this tab support Stylus/ anypen technology ? Windows version does, but not sure about android version. Plz tell if anyone owns it

  • Anonymous

Do this tab support Stylus/ anypen technology ?

  • AnonD-749306

Yoga 2 830F. Worked very well for a while. Then I upgraded from Android 4.4.x to 5.0 Since that time, the tablet charges erratically; it does not show as charging, the pwoer gauge remains at 0%. You never know if it is still charged, it works, but you don't know for how long. When turned off, plugging it into a charger turns it on from off. When it does seem to be charging (light surronding the power button "breathing" slowly, it can start making noises like it's turning on and off, etc.

Honestly, first time I am so disappointed with a Lenovo/IBM portable computing device. The design is awesome, it performs well (when it's working), and the support is atrocious.

  • Trik

The tablet has a nice design. Other adventages: . Thats it. The device has design flaws. It gets scratched where the stand is moving. Also the plastic is loosing color on the bottom. After several months it gets slow and slow and discharges fast. Also after factory reboot. Restarts, lags on its own. It's to trash. So basically no warm feelings to this crappy device.

  • Anonymous

lijo, 26 Apr 2016Without microphone in yoga2 how we can make calls in skype,viber... moretry a mic on a headset or earbuds that can with your phone. something is not right with my mic too. The onboard mic seemed to work after i unplugged the headset . ???

  • Marwan

Worst device ever had,, very slow, poor battery and bad durability

  • User61

This biggest rubbish I ever used. Don't even think to spend money buy it. If you own it go put it in the toilet, and buy anything else except this brand. I will never buy Lenovo again and never tell someone buy it to.

  • seekam

I have yoga 2 830F from 2014. It's a fantastic tablet for web browsing and youtube as it has fantastic loud sound! That are the needs I have from a tablet and I am pretty impressed from the screen, sound and battery as it is a beast and a recharge it every 2 days. I don't play games I have my PC for that! The only disadvantages are the auto brightness of the screen with sucks and the bad use of the SD card as there is no option to move pictures videos via Android settings! Finally some times it needs restart and you must consider that I shut it down every night!

  • knoxy

can you install windows 10 on this?

  • Dembe

Azmat, 14 Feb 2017Hy I updated my Lenovo yoga tab 2 8' but lost my imei n can not ... moreUse kingoroot to root the device. Then install chamelophone. With chamelophone u can generate a new imei or input the original one if you still have it

  • Yoga

All Chinese products are like this, use for a month or so and throw! I am feeling sad after buying this product which does not even work for a year and I spent 20K! Horrible one!

  • Azmat

Hy I updated my Lenovo yoga tab 2 8' but lost my imei n can not use cellular network can anyone help me in this matter please

  • Anonymous

Hi I'm upgrade my tablet to Android 5 but my wi Fi didn't work anyone have problem like me please help!

  • Bruce

The tablet is very nice

  • SocksForWok

The battery life does suck, but everything else is very nice. This was easily the best 8" tablet for its time.

  • maged

i don't know people writing very bad comment about the battery , how come
they may have issues in it
but for me , i got the tablet yesterday and the battery is awesome , incredible

  • Anonymous

We had 3of the yoga 2 tablet.they are fantastic but the charging unit gone in all 3. One only just past 12months old so Argos would not change as was over 12months it's obviously something that needs looking into to happen to all 3tablets in space 2years. They were Christmas gifts to my children.

  • krishna

My tab is not charging.It is stuck in youtube.I cant switch it off or charge it.Back button is not working.Nothing is working just stuck