Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8

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  • AnonD-233753

I bought this one last week it cost about 1199 Saudi Riyals (320 dollars) along with Lenovo A369i. Only voice calling is not included. But all in all it has everything... Up to 64GB external memory you can put. Pretty decent for a company who have a few mobile/tab units.

  • Black Box

Bought this tablet 3 days back, works perfect and fast response, sound clarity is very good, you can make voice calls, hotspot is available, front camera clarity is very good to make the video calls, Battery backup is coming for 6 hours.

  • AnonD-34132

AnonD-228562, 29 Jan 2014what about google marketgoogle play store also available..

  • AnonD-228562

what about google market

  • AnonD-34132

king, 28 Jan 2014what about wifi hotspot? this tablet hv wifi hotspot

  • AnonD-34132

shiva, 26 Jan 2014hi... the model looks awesome, just want to confirm whet... moreyes you can if your country sell this tablet with sim enable

  • king

what about wifi hotspot?

  • shiva


the model looks awesome, just want to confirm whether we can make cellular voice calling on this tablet?

  • prashant

i bought this tablet on dec 30th from lenovo store.

within five days its adapter stopped working. also i wanted to confirm while calling is this tablet always on loud speaker. this is very annoying as everyone around you can hear your conversation.

anyhow for last two weeks my tablet is in service center. please reply to my query.

  • AnonD-226808

Anonymous, 21 Dec 2013Do we have a flash light?? and from where we can insert a ... moreits dont have flashlight. for micro sim and sd card if you open its stand you will see there is two slot for sim and sd card. they will put a plastic like sd card in sd slot push it its will eject it and you can use it to insert sim and sd. its got a spring to eject the sim and sd card so dont worry its wouldnt stuck inside.

  • AnonD-226808

Sunny, 04 Dec 2013Dear Saurab, since u had ordered directly from lenovo thedo... moreits just like that one flip cover with variety of colour.

  • AnonD-226808

Gerard , 30 Dec 2013Hi, I just sold my Note 8 and was waiting for a cheap LG G ... moreMaybe I can help you a little bit. For the first time I bought it. its had a little unstable firmware. which is later on after 2 bombing them withnmy problem e-mail, they release a more stable firmware, its around 112.6 Mb. just got setting>about phone>Phone Update.
This tab got 3 stand mode. which is very comfortable to use.
Because of it build in stand you dont need to buy an accessory for it.
Soon you will found out the cover they gave you is a little annoying and maybe you will throw it away later.
its got three type wifi only, wifi and 3g data only and wifi and 3g Voice. its mean that the third one you can use like a normal phone.
well I would say almost like a normal phone.its has 2 build in LoudSpeaker so you might need an earphone which is it not provided inside the box.
its have 4 core processor. So with more core you can more multitask I would recommend it if you are a businesses man or a hardcore multitasker like me.
the battery also not so bad with 6000 mah with wifi on, data connection on, bluetooth on and gps on I can play games up to 10 hours with 8 hours standby. if you decide to play the games straight until your battery finish its can last up to 9 hour. so here the tips. dont overheat your device.
when you charge it. its would take around 4-5 hours if you turn it off, 6-7 hour if you let it standby and 9-10 if you play games while charging.
so this is my warning for anyone who going to buy it. based on my painful experience. be careful try to not drop it on your face directly.

  • AnonD-34132

AnonD-45794, 06 Jan 2014I took this phone Faizul's Communication for 19,500/- on Ne... morei use this tablet for a month and i never experience any of your problem..i hv 16 games installed and one of it is real racing which use more than 1gb space and it play well in this tablet..maybe you got the wrong set or u are samsung hard core fan.. -_-

  • Mansoor

Lenovo 8 inch yoga tab does it supports office wifi which asks for user name and password for connectivity, because for windows mobiles it is not accepting in our office, it is connecting for only android supports mobiles what is this ?

  • AnonD-45794

I took this phone Faizul's Communication for 19,500/- on New Year's Day as a Gift from My DAD

This is a very good tablet but has a lot of problem while opening applications on it.
The Tablet has issue when we open any small game like Subway surfers , temple Run
It takes forever to open

The the accelerator does work some time.

It does switch the Display when We turn it Portrait or Landscape. We should turn it again and Again then finally it recognizes it

Its better to take Samsung Tab 2 or Tab 3
My Brother Uses it and that is Highest Selling and with NO problem till now

My Vote for this Tab is 4/10

Please do not waste your Money

  • Gerard

scooby, 12 Dec 2013Changed from note 8 n5100 to this gorgeous device Using ma... moreHi, I just sold my Note 8 and was waiting for a cheap LG G Pad, then I saw this one. Is this worth the money compare to the other 8 inch tablets?

  • Anonymous

Do we have a flash light??
and from where we can insert a sim??
please tell me

  • AnonD-216333

got flash light??????

  • AnonD-98297

is call function via cellular network possible with this phone just like note 8.0?

  • sagar

AnonD-29215, 05 Dec 2013Does this have FM radio?No