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Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8

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  • the crack

Been using this tablet since March last year. Apart from minor problems I'm a very happy customer. The tablet has falled many times, it has dents on all corners but it is going strong and the screen has only two scratches and I have never used a protective film. Three times I have had to reset the tablet from the boot menu because it would not boot, maybe because it was full or rogue app... Anyway I highly recommend this tablet, provided you never update to KitKat, I read the lenovo forum concerning the update and in the end decided it was not worth the trouble. The battery is amazing, use it all the time to connect to my dumb but WiFi enabled TV, love the chance to connect almost everything to the USB otg cable (they should provide it, but is inexpensive) I have used external hard disks (with paragon ntfs mounter), mice, keyboards, USB flash drives and other things... The only thing I wasn't able to use was a 3g modem, maybe because that option is forbidden because there is a 3g enabled version of this tablet. Sometimes I even use it to charge the phone... So, the tablet is not the fastest or the best you can find but if you appreciate battery time and the possibility to connect external hard disks this is the one to get.

  • SDP

Manager, 28 Jul 2015Is any software update for B6000?If you still have Android 4.2 there is an update to 4.4.2,
Normal operation is smooth and stable but i am personally having issues with boot time (with 4.4.2) about 4min+

  • MT

Anonymous, 25 Jul 2015My sim card got stuck and not coming out .pls tell me what to do??stay calm and go to a lenovo service center
and they will fix it.

  • Manager

Is any software update for B6000?

  • Anonymous

My sim card got stuck and not coming out .pls tell me what to do??

  • ZK

Thae Su, 30 Jun 2015I have deleted keyboard and can't access to tablet again.Pls hel... moreu can use playstore to auto download keyboard apps to your yoga. thanks

  • Thae Su

I have deleted keyboard and can't access to tablet again.Pls help me Sir..

  • AnonD-409458

AnonD-368316, 27 Feb 2015I have bought lenovo tab A3000, exactly after 1 year its touch s... moreNow a days i am facing same problem after completion of one year of my yoga tab. I was here to just searching the solution for ghost touch n non senstivity problem. But i dont think that i will find it :(

  • AnonD-334321

My tablet fell and the screen cracked despite it being in a pouch. No lenovo service centre in my location. But the tablet still works

  • AnonD-404086

Tab is great except for the camera, u need to have a good light to take good photos..waiting for the new system update.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 May 2015It was the best tab ive ever used ( i say used not owned ) unti... moreCan i use a portable hard drive with this tablet 500gb or 1tb.

  • shu young nil

got infinte looping problem.tried as the youtube suggestions but after hard rebooting again looping starts. please help me out of it.

  • Anonymous

is it having Kernal Loop????

  • Anonymous

It was the best tab ive ever used ( i say used not owned ) until 3months later, im a movie watcher and suddenly my screen gets lines and rainbows.then 2more months it cant read my simcard anymore, still usable wifi only and wen times that rainbows were nt that bad... Im a seafarer so i getno chance for any repairs / warranty claims.

  • Anonie

My front camera is no longer working, it is just greyed out...Any help on what I can do

  • sam

Prateek M, 27 Jan 2015I am really glad to have this tablet and so will you! :) Amaz... morei completely agree wit that...its an amazing piece...but the rear camera sucks big time...it says 5mp....but nothing like a 5mp...i am also using samsung galaxy note1 wit 5mp camera... Comparing the pic quality says it all.....should do something about it. And yes...thumbs up to the superb battery back up...good work by lenovo on this one

  • shwetar2h

Bought a lenovo yoga tab 8 in July 2014 and am facing major issues with the device though in warranty period the service guys do not want to take guarantee for the device the device hangs in about 2 mins of usage and each time the power button has to be switched on and off to continue also multiple windows start opening and closing automatically and the device goes into a loop has to be restarted,also touch screen stops working cannot work on any application
Also both Sim card and SD card have got stuck and though working cannot take them out...very disappointed with performance and repenting buying this device... Very bad performance.......

  • Prateek M

baklang siren, 09 Apr 2015this tab is not for calling even if its 3g u can use this as reg... moreI have a 3G version of the tab and I have made calls like 100 times now! So, that's not true!

  • baklang siren

AnonD-1782, 08 Mar 2015boss! maybe yours is wifi support only? because the 3g/wifi ... morethis tab is not for calling even if its 3g u can use this as regular tab w/out calling function buyers should now what is 3g WiFi not bcuz 3g u can used for calling u can insert simcard for internet to use 3g not calling

  • marky

I just upgraded to android kitkat 4.4 but it became so laggy. So what is the best solution to this problem?