Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8

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  • win

1 GB RAM ? thats good
i love it

  • jason

Anonymous, 13 Dec 2014This or Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 LTE?choose which one u like .

  • sammy

sam, 18 Dec 2014should i buy this tablet or buy others ?i think this tablet .... 1 GB RAM , 1.6 front camera ........

  • sam

should i buy this tablet or buy others ?

  • jack

this tablet good or not ?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Dec 2014This or Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 LTE?This ofcourse! its perfect by all means!!

  • Anonymous

This or Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 LTE?

  • lenovo user

I got mine about more than a week a go, it was purchased in Qatar but just about 3 days ago it gained this horizontal line seems like a straight dead pixels to me. it wont go away even if i format it, it wasnt dropped or abused or anything. im in ph, will the local service center here cover it as it was purchased abroad? i have the one with the sim slot.

  • Anonymous

abhi, 06 Dec 2014I'm totally confused .about this tab I actually don't no ... Th... moreQuad core ,1 gb ram. 5mp cam rear, 1,6mp hd cam front, super speed, skype video call amazing!, battery lasts for days, build quallity perfect, and the new ota upgrading to android kitkat is awesome!

  • abhi

I'm totally confused .about this tab I actually don't no ... This tabs ram and camera etc...please suggest me...

  • Tom

Android 4.4 upgrade is online!!

  • Anonymous

Amazing tablet, powerfull battery and specs!!

  • AnonD-336833

Shafee, 28 Sep 2014How to remove the sim from lenovo Yoga Tablet. since it is a sma... morethey usually give a small plastic sim like thing for removing sim card or sd card from the slot. use that to remove your sim. you can refer to youtube

  • AnonD-336833

Avatar, 04 Nov 2014Can any body tell me that this tab really has 18 hour battery ba... moreyeah it does last 18 hours.. its a really fine thing about this tablet. the screen is very slim but the side handle boasts a really enormous battery

  • AnonD-335889

There is a problem with face book passenger when I turned on voice msg its not responding. Do u know this

  • Anonymous

mick, 01 Nov 2014Hi there, I had upgrade firmwares to kit Kat, after that the tab... moreIam also facing that problem

  • djsmallet

it is simply nice. i own one, i love it

  • Optional

martin, 22 Jul 2014guys da tab hs to square slots at da back rite,my tab hs da rite... moreWhat language is that ??

  • tm

So far this is one of the best mid range tab so far... Super excellent battery life, runs smoothly on basic apps... together with a usb otg and an expandable memory. I just upgraded to kit kat and it runs smoothly without any lag. I luv the tab... Good tab for a good price.

  • AnonD-296561

Mowleel, 12 Nov 2014Can we connect 3G data card for internet I tried it...did not work for me!