Lenovo Z5 Pro GT

Lenovo Z5 Pro GT

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  • MIYA
  • xcg
  • 10 Aug 2021

Anonymous, 15 Jun 2021Good morning. May I ask for a suggestion? Planning to buy a... moreGo for realme q3 pro or one plus xiaomi is a trash

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    • Anonymous
    • hyr
    • 16 Jul 2021

    Anonymous, 15 Jun 2021Good morning. May I ask for a suggestion? Planning to buy a... moreKind of a late reply but an answer really depends on where you live more than anything else. You should check to see what cellular bands each phone has and how they match up with your cell service provider first. You are also looking at phones that are at least a couple of years old right now. Used phones usually require new batteries if nothing else is wrong with them, and there usually isn't since these all are pretty reliable. Overall, if the cell bands that the Lenovo has are a match for your cell network, go for the Lenovo Z5 Pro GT. It is a premium phone for what must be a real bargain price right now. You could also look for the Lenovo Z6 Pro model, pretty much the same high end technology but with a standard body rather than the slider cover the Z5 Pro GT has.

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      • Anonymous
      • thi
      • 15 Jun 2021

      Good morning. May I ask for a suggestion? Planning to buy a phone po. Here are my choices: m3 pro, Poco x3, or Lenovo z5 pro gt? Thank you

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        • Anonymous
        • bJ5
        • 10 Dec 2020

        Great specs but the software isn't the best and due to it being an uncommon phone, no one makes custom recoveries or ROMs, extremely hard to root.

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          • Anonymous
          • K25
          • 23 Apr 2020

          Dr, 03 Apr 2020Does it support wireless display ( like miracast chromecast ) ?Yes

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            • Yasir shad
            • uZa
            • 10 Apr 2020

            Aoao. Why lenovo big set can not be launch in pak.....

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              • Gulogulo
              • sxs
              • 09 Apr 2020

              What type of glass display protection used?

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                • Dr
                • NjY
                • 03 Apr 2020

                Does it support wireless display ( like miracast chromecast ) ?

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                  • Anonymous
                  • uSW
                  • 15 Mar 2020

                  I wish they revived this slider design for z7 pro gt with sd865 and 5000mah battery and 3 cameras (main, ultra wide, telephoto).

                  Instant buy

                    After flashing via QFIL with no errors, phone rebooted normally but the baseband, imei1 and imei 2 are listed unknown.
                    I want to restore them via QCN, I have the MEID, IMEI1 and IMEI2 but I didn't made any backup of QCN before. I'll just use someone else QCN backup, edit it via hex editor to input my IMEIs there and use that backup to QCN restore hopefully fixing the issue I have right now.

                    Can anyone please upload their QCN/XQCN Backup for Lenovo Z5 pro GT so that I can fix my phone.


                      My first maybe Flagship'ish Phone using likely 2 months from now first impression is really good cause only got it black friday sale likely $240 really love it SND 855 is really damn amazing considering I got it in that pricepoint back dec2019 Battery looks bad in spec sheet but in real life performance isn't bad it's just that not bad point still lasting at the end of the day, camera(s) maybe not that good recommend to install GCam highly recommend stabilization sucks low light performance is also bad but with good lightning and steady hand it will shot really good sliding mechanism maybe not for all also for me it bit irritating sometimes, screen is for me also one of the best aspect of this phone with no notch display 1080p super amoled can't ask for more really really good.
                      Performance excellent (especially with CN rom), Screen/Display excellent, Battery Fine, Camera Good wtih fine lightnings bad with low light and also bad stabilization, features also fine.

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                        • techtronix
                        • wET
                        • 05 Feb 2020

                        just received android q update on chinese rom..so far so good
                        antutu score 431977.update size 1.8gb

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                          • Joy
                          • 6c6
                          • 31 Jan 2020

                          When I play emulator or game this phone is very high temp on back till 46°C

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                            • Joy
                            • 6c6
                            • 31 Jan 2020

                            Anonymous, 11 Apr 2019No, only for selfie.Yes it must

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                              • Emportal
                              • mpy
                              • 19 Jan 2020

                              roalush, 03 Jan 2020Only with original Chinese ROM and locked bootloader.You can have it unlocked and on zui11 with Chinese rom. My nfc works no problem

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                                • Dan
                                • 2Wn
                                • 16 Jan 2020

                                1299 yuan ($189) in China right. Sick price!

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                                  • paul
                                  • Iwj
                                  • 15 Jan 2020

                                  shadow, 08 Jan 2020i think its android 9 pie now is it ? and its a gaming beas... moreyes, it's Android Pie now after ZUI 11 upgrade

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                                    • shadow
                                    • Ybh
                                    • 08 Jan 2020

                                    i think its android 9 pie now is it ? and its a gaming beast good for android games and emulators

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                                      • Jerico
                                      • C9a
                                      • 05 Jan 2020

                                      Seira, 25 Dec 2019Here's the site : https://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic... moreWhere can i find the original rom?

                                        hardwares, 14 Nov 2019Does this phone have nfc?Only with original Chinese ROM and locked bootloader.