Lenovo Z5s

Lenovo Z5s

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  • Anonymous

If sd 636 is powering this device then it has to be a budget device

  • henry

if this informations be correct ، the battery capacity ( 3210 mah ) is very poor for 6.3" ips lcd display !!!

I know Lenovo does it's thing, and I want to dedicate this comment to an upcoming smartphone. Samsung... They make fun of the notch for being an irregularity and that is an intrusion. How is a hole any better? I know, it's not as bad as a notch, but... Come on Samsung, you don't have to be so hypocritical.

  • raaj

birth mark of Lenovo Z5s, black mole on head

  • TT1908

Fck sdn 636 14nm....