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Rdmkr, 27 Sep 2017Still using it every day. This is the only small bezel phon... moreYeah I agree with your comments. So many dumb smartphone trends these days. I am still stuck using my ZUK Z2 Plus because of it. You forgot to mention the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack in a lot of devices as well. Using a dongle is a pain in the ass. And I can't believe there are people who will buy phones with a HOLE in the screen!! Smartphone market these days is just an embarrassment compared to what it once was.

ZUK Edge is a very rare phone though. You'd probably have to wait like 6 months at least just to find one second-hand for sale in the UK. And who knows what the condition would be like. There's nowhere that sells them new anymore, at least not that I know of.

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    • ter
    • 02 May 2021

    Macbeth, 29 Sep 2018I really hope Samsung sues Lenovo for the nameAnd I think Nokia should sue Samsung for ripping off the tapered edges from the C3 to make S6 edge 😉

      I really hope Samsung sues Lenovo for the name

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        • vV5
        • 15 Jun 2018

        78% aspect ratio and it should be 18/17:9 aspect

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          • 7P0
          • 17 Feb 2018

          This is a rare beauty, feel privileged to have used it. Great looks, great performance and a great price. Absolute masterclass form Lenovo.
          Though it's really sad to know we won't be seeing any more of these but hats off to Lenovo for this one. :)

            Rdmkr, 27 Sep 2017Still using it every day. This is the only small bezel phon... morethis ZUK lineup had future, why they stopped it. :( the only 2016 phone beats 2017 designs.

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              • 29 Sep 2017

              Vince, 28 May 2017I bought this handset last april,4Gb Ram/64Gb internal stor... moreSame here looking to upgrade the phone as well

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                • nBR
                • 27 Sep 2017

                Still using it every day. This is the only small bezel phone without compromises. No awkward curved edges, no on-screen nav buttons, no weird aspect ratio that shrinks videos, no front camera on the bottom bezel, no inferior earpiece hardware, not too big for one hand... Just a classic design shrunk to as small as possible size.

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                  • vV5
                  • 11 Sep 2017

                  well to bad Lenovo stop the ZUK otherwise this can be a good choice for its price

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                    • 20 Aug 2017

                    User, 10 Aug 2017Bought one unit with 4 GB RAM. There is no FM Radio. I chec... moredownload local working radio app.

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                      • AnonD-691235
                      • X%p
                      • 11 Aug 2017

                      With the price $360 it's a worthed phone to buy
                      Amazing design, great speed and stunning FHD display
                      Battery are better than S8, almost 2days used
                      Kamera good enough especially at outdoor

                      Overall maybe 8/10

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                        • XMh
                        • 10 Aug 2017

                        Bought one unit with 4 GB RAM. There is no FM Radio. I checked their China website. Nothing mentioned about the FM Radio.

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                          • 30 Jul 2017

                          Rdmkr, 13 Jul 2017Very few people realize how special this device is. There a... moreBuild quality better than iPhone, samsung and LG (this 3 battery easy get bigger and and push screen out). Camera still under quality those 3, choice are yours

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                            • vV5
                            • 28 Jul 2017

                            Zaiyad , 26 May 2017I know, but why it is not available in stores? Or did they... moreZuk company already stop make this product

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                              • 25 Jul 2017

                              Camera is a weak point, don't expect too much of it.

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                                • 17 Jul 2017

                                How about the camera, is the camera good is photo for projector at night?

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                                  • 13 Jul 2017

                                  Very few people realize how special this device is. There are other phones out there that match or exceed its screen to body ratio, but all of them have major disadvantages.

                                  - it's uncommon to find devices with StB ratios this high with a 5.5 inch screen size; most of them have larger screens, which makes the bezel shrinkage irrelevant because you still need two hands to operate them
                                  - most other phones with high StB ratios have on-screen navigation buttons, which take up more space than you gained from the bezel shrinkage
                                  - a lot of the more recent high StB phones have a weird aspect ratio that causes black bars to appear when watching videos and the aspect ratio is generally more awkward than the 9:16 standard
                                  - its available at a very low price compared to pretty much all alternatives with high StB ratios
                                  - it has a fingerprint scanner on the front of the device; something Samsung and Apple are struggling and failing to get done these days

                                  It's unfortunate that the ZUK brand gets rolled up after delivering this unique creation. I'm kinda hoping that other brands will reverse-engineer this thing and learn ZUK's tricks, but this phone is too obscure to make that very likely. Let's hope at least Lenovo keeps this technology alive and shares it with whatever replaces ZUK as its in-house mobile brand.

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                                    • 28 Jun 2017

                                    harish, 26 Jun 2017Is it phone have volte option or not please tell me?Yes it did have volte.

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                                      • 26 Jun 2017

                                      Is it phone have volte option or not please tell me?

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                                        • 20 Jun 2017

                                        Anonymous, 12 Feb 2017I looked into them and redmi line as well. Unfortunately th... morethe redmi note 4 supports us LTE bands, and another good phone is the LeEco LE 2 x527 which has all the us LTE bands.