LG announces classy V30 Signature Edition in Korea

Ivan, 07 December 2017

The LG Signature Edition is an exclusive V30 made specifically for the South Korean market. LG is making only 300 units and will start selling them later this month for KRW2 million - about $1,800.

What differentiates the Signature Edition from a maxed-out LG V30 is the colors - either white or black and the back - a zirconium ceramic that's harder to scratch. You can get your name laser-inscribed plus special after-sales customer service and a premium package that includes special Bang & Olufsen earphones and Bluetooth headphones.

Those things aside, the LG Signature Edition matches the V30 Snapdragon 835, but has 6GB of RAM, 256GB of storage and Android 8.0 out of the box.



Reader comments

Hmm does lg ven have 300 hardcore loyal customers to buy those those?

**** poled screens lol

Yep, didn't think I would ever say this but: Compared to that, iPhone X is a much better buy and better value for the money...

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