LG Aristo 2

LG Aristo 2

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  • Anonymous

Phone is absolutely horrid.
Weak battery life and overheating processor.
A step above a Huwea phone. Which are even more 🗑 garbage

  • Yunaiks

I believe that the people that post negative comments either had a bad experience or they may be spies for the competition. Ii is more than what I expected for the price that I paid. No complaints.

  • julio

your to unlock when your travelling in another country

  • Anonymous

Screen cracked badly after only 4 months. I have a cover on it and I have dropped it a few times, but Ive done that with other phones and never had it happen. This is my second(and last) LG. Within the first month I noticed small air bubbles or cracks under the screen.

  • Cranky landlord

AnonD-77553, 04 Feb 2018I wish with the Developers Q'd (Put a Landscape Keyboard Slider)... moreHas OTG

  • RikuTheBoy

Frodo, 25 Oct 2019My phone (Aristo 2) only gives me 2G network. I have tried reset... moreDo One Thing.Change This Crap And Buy A New One(not this)!

  • Frodo

My phone (Aristo 2) only gives me 2G network. I have tried resetting the phone but the result is the same. I need help

  • justme

Letme sta start I'm on my favorite piece of crapheadache. Yall are sending exactly what it is doing to drive me crazy!!! I'll input one thing sometimes it says Another. I've been sitting at 2% charged for about an hour. No it's not a great battery it had been sitting with one of my 17 charger cords taped yes THAT IS WHAT I SAID TAPED!!!!! To mutt pine so it stays I !!!!! Because it's still under warranty MetroPCS has replaced this nightmare 3 times. I'm on my 4th one!!! I hate this phone!!!! The only reason I even got it was because someone stole my other phone right before my insurance kicked in. I don't care what anyone says I'll NEVER accept this free phone nightmare!!!! EVER AGAIN!!!!!

  • Anonymous

Blazingrater, 24 Nov 2018Being a first phone it's pretty good. 16 GB is not that bad its ... morePhone quit working less than a year after I bought it had to send it back to the factory and now I've had it for a year-and-a-half and now it will not charge unless I turn it on and off I have had other problems with it I would not buy another one

  • Lynn

The new Aristo 4+ is absolutely horrible!!!! I took the phone back twice thinking the first one was broken. It lowers the volume and turns off light while you are using it. I keep saying hello hello and then the people come on full volume, then I can't hear. Then the phone darkens to black while talking. WHAT A HORRIBLE PRODUCT.

  • No need

big daddy sam, 06 Nov 2018a really good phone for gamesMy LG aristo 2 has moments where it states that there is no sd card inserted, yet it is in. I've never tampered with it. I have to shut it off and on about 6 times to get my service back when this happens. Also the storage is really low. 16 GB is WAY too little. A Galaxy S6 has more memory than this phone, and the s6 was released 3 years before the aristo 2. Don't by this piece of crap. The Galaxy S6 costs about the same amount as this phone and it is better in about every way.

  • Anonymous

Damien bong Marley, 22 Mar 2019By far one of the worst phones ever very slow touch screen sucks... moreTotally agree with your comment!!!

  • Anonymous

I've had The Aristo and Aristo 2.. They BOTH have high pitched, squeaky sounds coming through the speaker when on speaker phone. Ridiculous. I will not buy another.

  • Tomp

Crappy charge port.... Crappy headphone port.... Battery heats up the device to unreasonable temperature's. ... Any app. Such as .. Google maps.. Or youtube... Destroy your battery charge in mere minutes.. Overall... Unhappy ....junk!!!... My old lg flip phone had better ports than this!.. Would have kept it... But no one builds parts for it!!

This little phone is a beast for a budget phone, it's just the right size the design feels great in the hand and is uniform (no protrusions anywhere), runs great and has amazing battery life with a good quality battery after using it everyday for 2 years it only lost 5% battery health.

  • Anonymous

It's okay, the newer one is LG Aristo 3 I believe

  • The one

It is fine.

  • Anonymous

Scott, 09 Jan 2019Trash. Fake ios without buttons keeps foece closing. Disappearin... moreU just gotta swipe up 🙄

  • nikky b

Lou, 28 Feb 2019Have an Aristo, and an Aristo 2. I keep getting them basically f... morehello, I just want to know whats the price and where can I buy it

By far one of the worst phones ever very slow touch screen sucks badly and it cant even handle fb and ig do not get this phone its a set back and frustrating