LG Aristo 2

LG Aristo 2

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  • Fher

I just loved m Arito 2. It has been one of the most reliable inexpensive phone that I have ever had. I have posted an opinion before. I love it!!!!

  • Anonymous

Joeg, 10 Jul 2018I love LG phones. This is my 2nd one and both, the Aristo 1... moreYou canhave my phone its lg aristo 3 plus worst phone ever my samsung avant which is 7 years old works better then this phone absolute trash

  • Kamila

Got this phone back in 2019 and used it as my primary phone everyday. I dropped it almost everyday and even fell on water but this thing still holds up incredibly well. It's no flagship phone so don't expect too much but for the price it's not too bad. Still working up to this day with minimal scratches.

  • Anonymous

I have had this phone since 2016. It has lasted 5 years, no problems. Had to tell everyone. Absolutely amazing. Usually most phones last a year or 2. Great phone

My friend bought this phone for $100 back in 2019 and today I installed all the system, security and app updates for him as he's a senior and has no internet. I also disabled a lot of the LG and Google bloatware and I must say after taking it for a test drive, this is an excellent cell phone for it's price and I highly recommend it ! 🤠👍...

  • Anonymous

I've had this phone for awhile now and its' still going strong despite the messed up USB port and a few internals it can get things done with no problem. I might have to wait for the processor to start up or have to charge it with some wires stripped down to the copper but it is durable and I haven't even gotten any replacement parts for it

  • Anonymous

dropped it off a 3 story roof.
ran it over with my car.
its all bent and broken, works fine.

  • BG

Kelly, 09 Aug 2020I always hated the camera on my aristo but i ended up downl... moreWhat app are you using?

  • Anonymous

Had this bitch from 2018 and it was being good until now. Sis be freezing on me. I have to take out the battery and replace to just to use it. I dunno what's wrong with it all of a sudden.

  • Question

Does anyone know if it is possible to track screentime usage with this phone?

  • Kelly

Anonymous, 20 Apr 2020its not that bad had the phone for a year now. only things ... moreI always hated the camera on my aristo but i ended up downloading a Hi def camera app to try just for the hell of it and wow what a difference. I just use that as my default camera now and couldn't be happier with my photos now

  • Cian

whyyy, 11 Jul 2020its a 60 dollar phone from 2018 what do you expect? a iphon... moreTrue. I would know because i have one

  • whyyy

its a 60 dollar phone from 2018 what do you expect? a iphone 11?stop hating on this phone the phone is very good

Really good budget phone.

  • Spyder

Good phone with bad cameras. Fine for selfies and casual photos for memories but it can be kind of difficult to e.g. get a good picture of a document or scan a barcode for a dieting app. Low-light performance is bad. Autofocus is bad.

The interface is a little slow sometimes but it always works. This is no flagship.

I wanted a phone that I could treat like garbage. Something that could slip into my pocket without a bulky case and not cost a fortune if it broke. In that regard it has been amazing. I dropped it enough to shatter the original back cover into a bunch of pieces but the screen never failed and its going strong after 2 years.

Good battery life, good reception and sound, great phone for the price.

  • Anonymous

its not that bad had the phone for a year now. only things i want are a better camera. And i wish it wasn't so damn hard to take a screenshot.

  • Senor Tube

jumped from Aristo 1 to Aristo 2 fantastic phone never a problem, EVER...

  • Bdiltz

Sucks. worst phone I ever had
When I talk to somebody on the damn phone I want to see who the hell I'm talking to!
Can't adjust proximity anyway it just sucks it's a horrible phone

  • Anonymous

Phone is absolutely horrid.
Weak battery life and overheating processor.
A step above a Huwea phone. Which are even more 🗑 garbage

  • Yunaiks

I believe that the people that post negative comments either had a bad experience or they may be spies for the competition. Ii is more than what I expected for the price that I paid. No complaints.