LG Aristo 2

LG Aristo 2

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  • The one

It is fine.

  • Anonymous

Scott, 09 Jan 2019Trash. Fake ios without buttons keeps foece closing. Disappearin... moreU just gotta swipe up 🙄

  • nikky b

Lou, 28 Feb 2019Have an Aristo, and an Aristo 2. I keep getting them basically f... morehello, I just want to know whats the price and where can I buy it

By far one of the worst phones ever very slow touch screen sucks badly and it cant even handle fb and ig do not get this phone its a set back and frustrating

  • Lou

Have an Aristo, and an Aristo 2. I keep getting them basically for free for buying a few months of prepaid time at a time. The camera is functional, the screen works, the light turns on, it connects to data, it has a micro SD slot. It will not impress anyone in what it is capable of. But if all you are looking for is a phone you won't shed a tear over if it gets smashed under a forklift (yes, I lost one that way) or has molten steel from a welding operation burn through it (another one I lost) but still does all the stuff you expect a smartphone to do, it is a great option.

Great little budget phone! If your looking for a great all rounder on a budget look no further this phone has it all in a sleek slim and most importantly reliable package. Battery life is great! If your asking whats the downside its mostly just the screen which has obvious ghosting and image quality issues but it's better than cutting corners elsewhere.

  • Anonymous

I've had Iphones, Blackberries, Motorola, Samsung and honestly had my complaints, likes and dislikes for all of them. I owned an Aristo and loved it. Loved it enough to upgrade to the Aristo 2. Yes, there are better phones. Not at this price though. When an Aristo 3 comes out I'll buy that. Very happy with this phone and the camera!

  • Anonymous

this phone is no good

  • Scott

Trash. Fake ios without buttons keeps foece closing. Disappearing buttons that makes the phone barely operable because its all touch. The worst phone ive used

  • lg aristocrap 2

Bought the phone in March. Now it's Dec. Slow downs crappy camera. Software issues with file transfers ( works when it wants to) battery life was good. Now can't hold a charge or charge people. Samsung head myself made the mistake of trying something different. Folks have the Galaxy j models and don't have these issues . Camera is better to. Sending this lg shit back to them and selling it as refurbished as soon as I get home and getting me a samsung.

  • Anonymous

Danawa, 22 Oct 2018Don't buy the LG Aretard 2 phone. Battery life totally blows! ... moreAnd what about LG K30

  • anonymous

it still doesnt say the phone screen dimensios

  • Blazingrater

Danawa, 22 Oct 2018Don't buy the LG Aretard 2 phone. Battery life totally blows! ... moreBeing a first phone it's pretty good. 16 GB is not that bad its not really meant to have a lot of high quality games. Battery life is good for a first phone and even better if you know how to use the brightness properly. One of the only flaws is the face id it needs work. But overall its a good phone

  • Anonymous

this phone sucks the memory sucks i have like 4 apps and i cant even update my daughters gizmo app without deleting everything off my phone so i did and it really still wouldnt update thats outrageous !!!!

  • big daddy sam

a really good phone for games

  • Kirktalon

Being it is a budget Smartphone I take that into account. As I tell other people it is like a budget car. It will get me from here to there just with less luxury than a BMW.
The battery is probably less too since it's budget. Driving around having to find addresses for my job using Mapping Apps wears it out. If the top of the line Smartphones do better than that I wouldn't know. I'm very happy considering it is a budget phone.

  • Foodie

Anonymous, 22 Oct 2018No problems until I dropped it today. Now it has white lines, bu... moreyears?! look at the date sir

  • Joker2580

I really love this phone it a perfect phone but the charging port stopped working after 4 months of use and really bugs me. But overall is fantastic.

  • Tony

this is a good phone battery is great

  • Anonymous

Sugar, 12 Oct 2018I agree I also own this phone and I think it's very nice it has ... moreNo problems until I dropped it today. Now it has white lines, but I did have it for a coiple years now so I am due for a new phone.