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LG B2000

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  • Kostya

I have got b2000 very recently and am not fully used to it yet. And yet the greatest downside of it, asitseemstome, is weakness of software. Theres really a chance GPRS can ruine it. I ve got acoupleof bugs already!!!!

  • liz

i love the fone bt i cant figger out if i can get coluor wallpapers or not i mean it coloured and all but if my friends send me photos of there phones it say go to vodafone.com and collect ur pxt...
and the lady that i bought it off say u can sent and recive colour photos but cant HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  • Jamson

This phone is very sleek and nice, it doesnt end a phone call with one touch of the end button but other then that it is quick, easy to use and also includes an fm radio. I havent had a problem with it at all.

  • Juan Jimenez

I bought this phone from Vodafone Australia for AU$99 as a prepaid service phone (with a SIM card and AU$30 credit) and it works great, except that when indoors in houses made of reinforced concrete the signal is not so good. Other than that I think it is a great little phone. The FM radio reception is a bit marginal as well unless you're in a wide open area or a few floors up.

  • George

Hi can some1 plz tell me. Should i get this phone or not. It luks ded nice bt does the headset come with the phone cause if not im stuck cause it would be v hard to gt it here (turkey. also is the performance good.


  • Tunde

The appearance of the phone is quite nice, it is slim and very sleek. I can't say much about its performance because each time i insert a sim card the phone will just start giving some funny noise that is quite irritating to the ear. I don't know if this is a software problem.

  • Xiannah

i only hope its the phone am using...well it looks very much like it...but i dont think it has FM does it? someone help me out

  • Kim

Help, I have a new LGB2000 and everything was fine until I want to make a call. Instead of saying "calling" the screen says "alerting" and the all connects and I can't hear anyone on the other end. To fix this someone can call me and if I make a call straight away than I can connect fine. The problem then comes back after I end the call. I've tried a different sim card and the problem is still there so it is the phone doing this and wasting me money. Has anyone had the same problem and knows how to fix it?

  • katie

do you know that exactly the same thing happened to me - when i turn it off i can't turn it back on and there is a big dark patch in the middle of my screen. its so frustrating!

  • Anonymous

i turned it off for the first time and now it wont turn back on :( and theres a big dark patch in the middle of the screen... i dont know if that is beacause i dropped it or if it is just silly...

  • Ralf

looking for software !

  • polash

plzzz any one help me i need its battery iam from bangladesh.plzz sent me 1 battery of this model phone .in my country i cannot found my battery

  • paige

i love this phone it mad dog but the bad thing is i drop it really easier than most fones coz its so small

  • Sajna

Its fine but the problems i had faced with this is abt the voice. If i continue a call more than 2-3 min, the noice will become low.
As well it wont allow to make more then a call continously. if i continue, The other to whom we make call will get ring and he lift, but we are unable to listen his/her voice. Only the chance tht will understand this thing is after seeing the bill.

  • Daniel

It's a very very very nice phone OK? I got one earlier this year, it works perfectlly! You can't just say it's bad without giving reasons.

  • [Bulgaria]Bobby

Very Very Very bad phone!!

  • yazeer

i buy lg b2000 phone.but its software is damedged after 2weeks purchesing. i think its not good for use GPRS.

  • shaz

hey could you please let me know if this phone has a media player thanks shaz-xxx

  • sanjiban pal

I am a lg b2000 user (and very glad to use it.) I love my phone because it is very sleek, very sexy.
I can downloaded via wap some midi ringtone via wap. those are fine. But the question is, can I set a wave or mp3 file as a ringtone. I tried, but can't download it to my phone. Is b200 supports mp3 ringtones? please answer me.

  • Sachin

Can any one tell me how to configure the gprs settings of LG b2000 ?