LG B2100

LG B2100

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  • Sumon

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!what a exciting disgusting hand set it is. i am realy unpleased about it. i want to change the set.........but is it possible????????????????????????????????????????

  • Joseph

i got the same phone you guys indicated but the thing is its difffficult to find new covers,battery&chargers for ths LGB2100 why is that?

  • Martin

I'll admit this phone is not a great one, but for someone who has a poor budget, this phone does what it should (call and sms), and it does it properly. I've heard people complain about battery life, but so far i've not had any problems with that. I get over a week. If you're looking to get more out of a phone, then this isn't the phone you should get. The camera is indeed fairly useless. Otherwise, its very practical.

  • Shashank

This is the worst phone i have ever seen......

Using more than 18 months(3years) a very poor battery life.. and the camera phone sucks.......

No speaker... doesn't support usb cable....
Man this phone sucks....
Plz i recommend not to buy this phone....

  • Anonymous

well what does it say on the above specs? no bluetooth no infared no nothing , and cos the usb bit is blank i would take it as a no seeing as it has nothing else on there!!!!!!!!!! my god this phone is old what do u expect it to do .

  • Benny Johnson

I've managed to find a USB cable to connect to this phone but it isn't recognised by the PC, even after installing the drivers as it wants to connect using a serial port! Ah well.

I tried sending pics from this phone to another newer one so that I could use that to send to PC but it sends a link to check the pics online.

Had the phone since Oct 06 and it's been fine without being spectacular. It's a basic phone with a basic camera. Best thing is its size though. Battery life is getting a bit dodgy so I'll get a new phone soon. It will have lasted me about 20 months so that's not bad for £30!

  • Mohamed

I had this fone last year and i hate it so much , it is boring, no irda no bluetooth, no usb, it is a s***

  • cindy

i've been using this phone for almost a year and all of a sudden i am unable to use my sim card on this phone. i am able to use sim cards from other networks but sim cards from my current network is not available. how can i get my old network up and running again?

  • Anonymous

I'm getting a new phone this one is really annoying!

Does anyone know how to get the photos onto the computer cause no USB leads fit it!!!

  • dennis mangundayao

hi.. i am using this kind of Lg.. B2100 it's easy to handle or carry but when i am going home.. my cellphone is going to lost it's signal.. i dont know if it is because of the location or on the mobile..

  • kanagaraj

send me the data cable software for this lg B2100 mobile phone. otherwise send me the web sites which is having the softwares

  • Anonymous

thought the phone was good
but ended up getting a giant orange dot in the middle of the screen. yes it was from dropping it a few to many times but should phones really do that?
ne way thought the camera was good, like the little button on the side which jst gets u to it, very large msg space and yea.

  • Cliffy

I have had this phone for almost year now it has never given me problems a very nice phone for midi music for ringtones.
the internets allrite.
allrite basic phone with few nice features
worth the money like
camera is allrite have to go into the settings to change camera options for the person having problems in black and white mode have to change settings easy once you know how cheers

  • Ivy

This was given by my boyfriend and is very user friendly. I like simple camera phones and this really fits the all the criteria. I love this phone! c",)

  • Anonymous

hello, i need some help with my phone. All my pictures are black and white and very poor quality. Is there a way to change it?
I am tired of trying to fix this and its really starting to annoy me. Can any one help me please

  • marie ann

i've been using this phone for almost 8 months now and i find it very user friendly. stylish and very handy becuase of its size. but the problem is i'm having a hard time taking pictures at night, it is too dark. do you also have the same problem with me? thanks...

  • Henry

Hi, i just recently got the LG B2100 as a spare recently from a boot fair. I have found some old photos saved as wallpaper
on the phone that i would like to delete but
cant. Does anybody know how to delete photo's saved in the my album part of the phone.

  • Anonymous

Phone is OK but when using in-car charger I am not able to use the phone so not much use in an emergency. Anyone else have similar problem or is it just a duff car charger?

  • Grace

I bought this phone in May last year. I was attracted by the slick look and thought I should experiment with brand change. Weel, my experience has been a very sad one. From the beginning the battery proved very weak, I needed to recharge it every two days even when I did not use it. The phone colour scratches easily and it looks very unattractive after a relatively short time. After about six months a bright yellow spot appeared on the screen making it impossible for me to see my numbers dialed. The spot grew larger with time. I thought it was unique to me but have since met two other people with a similar problem. The camera is absolutely useless, the pictures look more black and white. It is not a user friendly phone. In my opinion it is not worth buying. Grace

  • nizon

this photo of the woman showing on this page of this lg mobile .
is a fake .
the screen cant produce a photo like that with the useless camera .

so can we have a better photo of this phone