LG BL20 New Chocolate

LG BL20 New Chocolate

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  • Anonymous

that design...lol

  • AnonD-225880

open item on mobile

  • mac

its a cool phone really good compared to any other slider phone, a wonderful camera and good longest battery life for a 3g phone, it gives me 2 & 1/2 day battery backup and 2 days if i listen to music and all stuff, its been three years i am using this phone, which people says is a unique one, where ever i go. till now my phone dint have a single scratch on it, but yesterday it slipped from my hands from my bike at a speed of 40 to 60 kmph, bouncing on the ground, the panel is damaged but the phone is working fine, i love my phone verymuch, i m not getting the panel any where can anyone help me....

  • Anonymous

this is a best

  • Misty

It does have a secondary front VGA camera.

  • TBA

does it has wireless

  • C. Mido Goby

the problem only it's not have GPS

  • AnonD-72821

When i type pin code it is good, but the phone is asking security code??? It's 4 digit number..

  • vaibhav

net is not working .......nice phone

  • muxa

it's very nice phone i like it but the problem is battery only.........

  • samir

yes this mobile is so nice i use this cell vry goo cell

  • sarthak mundra

that mobile is very nice and there feature are very nice and i like this mobile

  • Anonymous

shoki, 31 Mar 2012this is a very good mobile And I like itya its very niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • shoki

this is a very good mobile And I like it


hii i m khushboo i got my phn last year..its battery is annoying me plus everytym whn i get a bluetooth or pc suite transfers it develops icons..even whn i get it formatted some files which are itself created doesnt get deleted n i suffer from my data loss..pls guide me how to get rid of it...????

  • Karthi

Hi, I bought this mobile 1 year ago. It was great to use.

  • K!@N0$H

I've bought this phone six month ago..it's good but battery is annoying me.
Anyway,I wanted to know how to upgrade my phone's software?

  • Dannis

Can s.o tel me where 2 update software? I encounter restarting system issue now. I can't find where 2 updat it. Thx!

  • Meqdad

LG brand is my only mobile brand -
i see it as the best fashionable! Now, I have had this mobile for almost two years and there is only one problem in it - its battery does not stand more than one day if you use it for ten SMSs and ten calls with taking a photo. Other than these, it satisfies all your needs and also your style ;)

  • Anonymous

Can s.o tel me how 2 solve de problem when it restart automatically? Thx