LG BL20 New Chocolate

LG BL20 New Chocolate

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  • Greg

I had this phone. it was my LG phone and it made it fall in love with the brand (: been using LG ever since ^_^

  • ann

i really miss my phone it is good phone i love u lg...

  • asifnem

its nice and awesome handset.

  • glassy cutty flossy

i love this phone so so much ,it very good phone but wat i dnt like the battery

  • zaheer 99141-64601

i use this phone, it's good enough but the battery is abit not good! but still use it........

  • Shuvro

Can I see Bangla language on facebook in my LG Bl 20 set ?

  • asifnem

i have bought it 2 months ago. still i can`t find a place to download themes . please help me guys

  • Dannis

i just use this phone, it's good enough but the battery is abit not good! but still use it, love it anyway!

  • amit

wen bl20 was first launc i was crazy. i rely like. whe i bye and i was i rely hate it. after 3 month cemera and volume keypad does nt function. after 11 month keypad lock function is fail. after 13 month senser start function atomaticaly without i press notn. now i broke into pieces that phon. i rely hate that phone and the function also too slow.

  • bujji

ibought 2 day the mobile is super...........

  • shan nash

dis s realy awshum phon..

  • Yuna

Is this phone any good ..? It looks very cute, and I would like to buy a new one, but I dunno if it's any good.... Thank you very much !

  • Kanna

Its beautifull Mobile ,my Girlfriend likes to eat Choclate ,one fine day i gave her this Choclate...!

  • Sadhana

Hey i've got this chocolate asmy birthday gift by my boyfriend..

I justtt luv the phone.......Obvious i love my bf too

  • pawan

alexis, 02 Mar 2011is the silver metal like, around the phone and on the kepad... moreno it does nt fades..

  • alexis

is the silver metal like, around the phone and on the kepad fades away?pls...answer my question guys....... i need the truth answer.....

  • san

I have this phone and i really like it, but there's one probleme bothering me:
why is the Calls list in alphabetical order?
thanks for your answer, I would like to change it

  • Anonymous

the only thing about latest LG phones is its battery life,i had 5 LG phones including current BL40 that i have and its all same issue,i guess you just have to deal with it.

  • Brandon diaz

Dis fone is awesome! Dis fone is so girly but after grabbing dis one, it matches me, i use dis fone as my music while at the gym, my only prob is the bateri, i buy 2 spare bateri 4 this one, nice cam, i also use bl40, LG is awesone, my x3 02 sucks!

  • Syed Jawwad Hashmi

Anonymous, 20 Jan 2011should i buy it i`mso confused though i liked it ( how it l... moreDear Friend, LG BL20 Chocolate is a fantastic mobile phone. But it, you would'nt be disappointed. I have been using it for 6 months with no complaint. I updated its software recently and it works excellent and upto the mark. Besides, I use a 16 GB MicroSD which this set support very well.