LG BL20 New Chocolate

LG BL20 New Chocolate

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  • shakeer

vin, 21 Oct 2009What is the different between 262K colours and 16M colours.... moreyes

  • vin

What is the different between 262K colours and 16M colours....which is best. i hope 16M

  • Sony and Nokia FAN!

another whack phone from lazy guys(lg)lol!

  • Anonymous

bummer, terrible video quality...
guess i'll keep lookin

  • Daniel

Extremely nice phone, one for the aesthetics just like the first chocolate. The first one was a perfect device but flawed by buggy, unreliable software - hope they gained experience over the last few years. The BL40 looks like a very nice phone as well, but for people like me who couldn't care less about all that touchscreen smartphone hype lately, and would rather have a phone to make calls and write messages with... especially if it means you won't have to take the recharger with you everywhere because the gimmicks drain the battery all the time. Sure it would be nice if it had WLAN like its bigger brother, but there's only so much you can put into a standard phone. Besides, a small non-touchscreen phone isn't really made for browsing the web anyway. Given I never feel the urge to read mails and browse the web on the go (except for the occasional bus schedule) it seems like my chocolate KG800 will be replaced by a new chocolate BL20 rather than a BL40.

  • gerry

They have cut costs by putting in a cheaper screen..

  • Anonymous

rubbish video,poor battery,

  • Rip

Man, this thing is a clone of the Motorola ROKR ZN50! Lame...

  • Anonymous

As i told you friend don't deal with.
be carreful

  • Anonymous

no wi-fi & no OS, that sux :|

  • charlatan

lg chocolate comes free with one can of macintosh chocolates..check out the lg website.

This phone has an exide battery inside it..

  • Lostsoul0815

Can someone tell me which battery is inside this phone?

  • benny

2.4 260.000 colors display 5mpix ... long time on the market lg u are so lost

  • duda anak tiga

this phone looks more chocolate-centric than bl40,,, sliding form factor is LG's trade mark. however, I'd prefer BL40, cuz BL40 is chunky creamy yummy crunchy crispy

  • sazzad

whrs the xenon flash????

  • 16th


  • Wei Liang

I'm the 15TH!! LG's phone design are very nice..awesome..but I hate LG phone cause their quality sucks and not durable at all

  • Hork

LG BL20 (or BL42 - i think so) is a good basic mobile. It's really nice, easy to use and high quality for basic use. 5 Mpxl Camera works well. You can check this review in Vietnamese: