LG C1100

LG C1100

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This was a popular Christmas gift in Australia back in 2004

habtom, 13 Jan 2005hi my name is habtom.i live in ethiopia i have an lg c1... moreThe reason why it says "insert right sim card" is because the phone is locked to a mobile network operator and the sim card is not from the mobile network operator it's locked to.

The pre-loaded ringtones are very cool

  • AnonD-84693

Was my first phone and I loved it, very trendy at the time. The mirror was the most interesting part for me.

  • Highcliff

Had the phone for about 3 years works OK. Just recently a Red spot has appeared in the mirror wheather the phone is on or off. Can't seem to get rid of it. May be something to do with the battery. Can anyone one assist?

  • Ram Avtar Sharma

hi this phone is verry nice

but now i have finding problem of battery pls tell me where i puchage it battery
in noida

  • Mrs Keyser

I've got this phone for almost 4 years and had no problems so far, only the memory on the phone. I've got 4 mms meassages on phone, the 5th one could not came thrue. Everything is blocked and i can not make any calls but i can recieve calls. How do I get rid of the mms. Can't do anything now. What do i do. Can i buy more memory for this phone. Please help

  • Anonymous

I think that kind of handset lost wave or signal , by itself sometimes

  • Anonymous

This was my first phone, it's very easy to use and very simple, although it is easy to mess it up (i accidently locked the SimCard), just use it if you need simplicity.

  • haylee

had this phone 1st one ever loved it its such a cute phone for a young person go girls go get one xoxo

  • Anonymous

It's good as a phone. The features are min on this phone, but if all you're after is a compact phone then this will do you just fine.

  • Anonymous

this is my first phone and when i got it i loved it it is slow it skratched put it in your bag and you have a skratch mark from anything on your mirror THIS PHONE IS CRAP DO NOT BY IT BREAK IT ROTHER

  • karenn

i have had this phone since 2005- its alright i guess. its great for a first phone- but then, it gets crap. dents easily too. and the buttons stuff up and after a while, the screen blanks out on you and to get out of it you have to get rid of the battery. but overall, its reasonable, for when it was made- 2004.

  • amish

I have this fone and its terrible, its mirror might be a good point for the ladies who always want check themselves. But its slow and i hate the ringtones and definately LOUD

  • bubecar

it`s a nice phone for that price,but where can I found a USB data cable for it? I search everywhere,but there isn`t a cable for the c1100! It has only cable and software for c1200! PLEASE E-MAIL ME !!!

  • nat

ive had it for 3 years. great first phone. as all do it has its own problems. i would still keep using it if the keys hadnt been so bad lately... they deteriorate rapidly after 2 years. nice phone tho. loved the mirror.

  • favour

Yes,this fone is stylishly nice,though its my 4th fone,but i enjoy using it.as a girl,i love d mirror.my problem with it is its unability 2 download ringtones,games 2 a Nigerian user.i wanted 2 download a tone,but there're asking 4 my operator which i dont understand.
favour Niegria

  • bunmi

the phone is o.k,but what i dislike about the phnoe is this.the battery die on time,at times phone go off without you offing it.and when the battery is down you can use the charger to charg it,you have to use desk top charger first before you can use the charger.

  • duvall

i had this phone i never want it back it is useless and what you pay is what you get my opinion for others: rather spare more money for a greater phone than this rubbish

  • Michael

What for does it pay Nokia N95 price? It's useless phone, my brother buyed that.