LG C1100

LG C1100

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  • Jamie Cook

Hi, i bought one of these phones and I'm loving it except for wondering how to transfer midi files from my computer to the phone. The software that came with it does phone numbers and such but doesn't appear to do files :( Any help?


this is really the best lg cellular phone that a person can get. it's a pleaseure
to have such a wonderful phone. thank you lg!!!!!

  • deze

im thinkin of getting this phone cos it's only $199 pre paid,but it's got no camera or radio

  • Margy

I'm from Australia and the C1100 here is $199 (Prepaid) which is pretty good. It looks handy and the only thing the phone is missing is a radio!!!

  • Todd Fuller

Can someone please tell me how to set up the internet and Java sections of this phone, i love it, its a great little fone with everything i need-but i just need to work out how to use it all!

  • laura


  • pat worth

ok i love the phone except one thing you can't put your ringtone in for recieving a text message you have only four picks you would never hear in a noisey room

  • michelle

tis fone looks rilli nice.. n its in my budget.. however, the pictures of its display screen looks very ugly.. the backgrounds available etc doesnt look very nice.. i want to noe if the graphics of the fone is good.. bc0s tt is veh impt..

  • ..

but i still CAN'T find e ringtone tt can b dwnloaded....

  • anthony

which is better?
This LG c1100 or siemens CF62 or Samsung x430???

  • Number 8

Well, it doesn't have a camera and it's a very simple phone. Very light and quite small. Not much functions.

  • karlee

does it have a camera coz i love this phone

  • Number 8

Hmm...I'm considering to get this phone. Singtel is offering $98 for 2-yr contract. Pros and cons?

  • THE X

this fone is shit! I had the choice of this or a motorola E365. stupid me i chose the LG C1100 if u are looking for a cheap fone get the motorola E365 its got heaps: camera, 2MB of memory, 65K TFT screen, and its only $250 australian

  • joja

lindo...s n fosse o siemens SL65 era este d certeza..e pena n ter video e bluetooth..nao s pode ter td!!! cool phone

  • Space

A brilliant phone, does everything quick and fast.screen is brilliant.everything is brillinat.i bought this phone about a month ago and its the best phone ive had.good wap site with lots of pictures, tones ect. to download: (http://members.lycos.co.uk/kobrax/wml/kobrawap/­downloads/wallpapers/series40/graphics_1.wml).no­w that ive given u this free site go and buy this phone.

  • Anonymous