LG C3320

LG C3320

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  • Alice

im so annoyed i bought this phone over ebay i got it yesterday i loved it and now i look at it and the screen is just blue i no its on coz i can still hear the noises and it rings and the outer screen works but the inside one is just all blue!

  • Will

hey im gettin this mob really soon an was wondering if it has a good camera and can u tell me the + and the - of this phone

will wb

  • tord

ONLY buy this phone if you are a 12 yo. girl, or have a 12 yo. daughter to give it to. You will find cheaper, and better cellphones. In design it is a COMPLETE rippoff of the Samsung e330. which in comparison is a fairly good cellphone/mobilephone. the operating system, like all operating systems these days, is inspired by the OS of the Sony Ericson phones. SE is able to pull it off. LG is not. it is non-logical, confusing, bad taste layout and looks like something I could have done myself when bored in the restroom. e-mail me if any specifics about this phone.

  • Rob

hey i got this phone n downloaded a ringtone using the internet on the phone but i havnt got a ringtone or i can't find where it is now. does anyone know?

  • jp

just got my JG C3320 fone, but can someone please tell me how to save pictures in Phonebook pictures.

  • claire

Hi, I just got the fone but cant for the life of me work out how to assign caller ID. Could someone please please please please let me know how to do this.

Thanks, Claire.

  • issy

hey im gonna buy this mob like tomorow i just wanted if this mob as blue tooth or not? and can u download ring tones as well as wall paper? is this mob easy to use?

  • Paq.

Jordan: I already answered that question -- The screen on the outside is monochrome. If you buy a cable then of course you can transfer pics to your computer and vice versa by going to th LG site and downloading a package

  • bob

hay is the camra good at night wats the resalotin on it is it ezy 2 uz

  • Jordan

hey everyone...
i was just wondering if someone would be able to tell me whether this phone is a good one to buy or not. also... is the screen on the outside black and white or is it in colour? and when you take photos with the camera, are you ab;le to download them onto your computer?
thankyou... luv JOrdAN..xxx

  • ranjit

hi can any 1 pls let me know how to increase volume for voice recording. pls urgent


  • amy

hey on the LG C3320 is the caera quality good or not? please someone elail me of soemthing coz i wanan get this phone ofr my bday pleaseee wb thanx

  • Paq.

pratik - the screen on the outside is black and white

  • Sofie

I got my C3320 yesterday and I love it, but: the volume seems to be low when other people call me.. they dont hear me so good :(

  • pratik


is the 2nd Screen on the outside color or black and white also where can you download rigntones and games etc.


  • cock

hi can any 1 pls tell how to lock phone book for lgc3320? whether ts option is available or not


  • ranjit

hi stephen

can u pls tell the website name to download software for lg3320 mobile. u said we can down load s/w from UK sites but i did not found. do reply


  • cathy

hey everyone,
I am looking at buying the LG C3320 but it's not available over here yet so I have not been able to go and look at it myself. I just want to know if it is a good phone and the pluses and minuses before i buy it over the internet. Really appreciate your help,
cathy xxx

  • Stephen

for the Aussie users of this fone, if you have the data cable but no software, you can download it from the UK LG mobile phone site

  • karthik

Dear Amiee
Thanks A Lot for yor message. now my caller ID is working

thanks a lot. regarding connect to PC you shd have daa cable and s/w CD its worth of 45 aus dollers

keep in touch
mail to runway090@yahoo.com.au