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sir i have been using this model since 3yrs and i am unable to download mp3 songs into my mobile , please help me giving the process of downloading and as well as essential software to download mp3 into my mobile...i cant live with out my mobile,its my kind request to send the reply to my id : yarlagadda.das07@gmail.com

  • rcp835@gmail.co

stan, 26 Jul 2008i used this mobile and its too old now i use in way back 3yrs lo... moreHI, stn---down loading in c3400 is ok i have no problem.sugges if up loaded camera fotos from c3400 to pc ,how can be copied from pc, because it is a problem.

  • stan

i used this mobile and its too old now i use in way back 3yrs long....for ppl who still use it u can download the software frm lg site or search in google i did the same and had mp3 in it if u need further help mail me munna_st@yahoo.com sub:LG3400

  • RCPathak (rcp835@gm

Anonymous, 20 Jul 2008i am unable to connect my C3400 phone to PC.My PC not recognizin... moreI using c3400 since 2005. No problem in down loading,wall papers, default ringtones ,mp3 songs .Uploading fotos(camera). The operating system is so nice,no other branded phones can compare. In my family of 6 members 4 are using c3400 but,- I do not know how to copy the uploaded fotos (saved " LG Contents Bank"in PC )Pl.call 9424915905 if you can solve my problem.

  • Anonymous

i am unable to connect my C3400 phone to PC.My PC not recognizing that USB.Can you please send me the software and options to DOWLLOAD TO my email id suryachakra99@gmail.com

  • Bola Bolaji

Good day,
I have a LG C3400 phone, my installation driver got lost, i have a new system now and i want to install the LG package on it, please, how can I get the installation driver again? Ple help!.

  • Amit

lisa, 11 Jun 2007this is a great little phone. i thought it was rubbish at first ... moreplz ... if u could help me....
I am unable to transfer mp3s from comp.. to phone...
b'cause my comp. isn't recognizing it.......
mail me .......

  • rishi

plz tell me the site 2 download free lg-3400 pc suit or send it at my email id hrishi.wankhade@gmail.com

  • vincent omondi

Pliz help my phon has a mechanical problem i.e inverted screen and difficalty in downloading mp3 what can i do

  • mines

There are java games and .jar softwares available in internet and i have downloaded them but there is no medium to put into this LG C3400 phone because i got only a datacable and a limited software for downloading mp3,images, sounds and uploading photos. Are these games and software available not compatible for my phone?
I noted a thing i.e there is GAMES AND MORE option available so i got a hope.
Please inform me any detail about it. THANKS...

  • faisal

well i m using this phone since a long time bt i m mot been able to download mp3 songs.i hav got the data cable but i didnt got the software cd...cud u plz help me and send me a copy of that software file or tell me a link to download..i will b thankfull.thans in advance..

  • ashok kumar

please let me know how to download songs in my mobile lg c3400

  • ashok kumar

you may not have installled ports properlt thats why it shows " time out"

  • ashok kumar

I have the cd and the cable and it still wont let me put mp3's on my phone! It doesnt even show up in my computer! What to do?

  • harsh daga

please let me know how to download songs in my mobile lg c3400

  • Santosh

I brought LG C3400 14 months back, after great effort I could insert 2-3 MP3 songs and it was working fine till last month. Suddenly it developed problems, the main display is inverted and sub-display is blank and I am not able to see my address book or anyother stuff on the mobile. The screen goes blank and the phone goes dead. I have no idea why this has happened. The customer support of LG being useless, I hv no other go than to by Nokia as it is the best among all the mobiles. If someone has experienced similar problems, pls share your opinion to vgsantosh@gmail.com

  • mahendra

my coputer is not supportind USB cord. USB cord atteched the my com. this not found USB


recharche driver de lg c 3400


Ive been using the phone for quite long and enjoying every feature,jus that i find it difficult to use the USB cable and im in need of the software.may anyone havin it please may send it 2 my e mail adress at 200723547@UL.AC.ZA

  • nitin

i have a usb cable but when i connect it to my pc it does not work as a usb but charger, i also want to exchange data between the pc and phone but i can't what must i do, please help me . my mother board is amd.