LG cooking three WinMo phones this year, ten more in 2010

03 September, 2009

LG just announced they're preparing for launch three smartphones running on the latest Windows Mobile 6.5 OS. A full touchscreen bar, a touch-enabled one with sliding QWERTY and a regular bar with full QWERTY, all powered by the new mobile Microsoft OS, will hit the stores in the upcoming months.

As we all know ever since the MWC 2009 in February LG have a new partnership with Microsoft and they plan to throw quite some efforts in developing WinMo smartphones. Today LG revealed their agenda to release three Windows Mobile 6.5 smartphones until the end of this year and ten more in 2010. Until Christmas we should see one full touchscreen operated device, one touchscreen bar with sliding QWERTY keyboard and a normal bar with QWERTY keyboard.

We guess the full touchscreen phone is LG GM730, while the QWERTY bar is most definitely the LG GW550 - both upgraded to Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional and Standard respectively. Both smartphones have been released just a few weeks ago with Windows Mobile 6.1.

What's cooking it the LG kitchen should be brought to public soon, until then we can only guess what the third smartphone is.


Reader comments

  • asif

I just want to know the price of the mobile.

  • POL

yes or, all the touchscreen phone looks the same.nothing original.

  • POL

yes or, all the touch screems phone looks the same.

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