LG CU720 Shine

LG CU720 Shine

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  • hacksparrow

this phone is beautiful and it stops there.

java is locked for some reason. you cannot use your own apps or games.

and personal mp3 ring tones are limited to 300 kb.

there are workarounds for both but why bother?

if you don't mind the two reasons not to buy it, then it's a great phone hands down.

  • Anonymous

Actually the AT&T version has Video Calling as well. It is known as Video Share in the US, and AT&T is the only provider that supports such service.

  • Horsey

Canada version has Videocalling and was released months before the USA version.

  • stephie

I like this phone. Sucks because the battery life isn't very long if you talk a lot on it, so you'll have to charge it a lot. I have small fingers so the whole keypad being crowded doesn't bother me. I love the sound on it and the way the looks. True the joystick is difficult to handle, but i think after you use it for a while you'll just more used to it and be able to handle it better. ^^

  • Sam

The U.S. AT&T version (CU720) and the Canada Rogers version (TU720) have replaced the roller navigation with the joystick/scrollwhell due to complaints with the original roller. The newer navigation is a small circle that spins 360 degrees. Also, they made a bit more space for the Call, clear, and end buttom for more space. Both of the North American versions have HSDPA and include microSD card slots, but only the Canada-Rogers version supports Video Calling. Also, they dropped the Schneider-Kreuznach certified lens.