LG F2100

LG F2100

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  • irina

My mom already purchased the phone at eBay.

I honestly don't see why this phone got so much criticism back in the day.

This phone actually gave me a magical experience!

  • Anonymous

like most of you my speakers stoped working so i just use the headset for calls. it says i can store upto 900 photos but the most i can get before it says memory full is about 60. i like being able to upload wallpapers onto the phone but i cant figure out how to put ringtones and games onto it, also getting the phone connected is a pain.

i still love the phone tho haha

  • Karin

I've had mine for almost 2 years. I can't hear the other person speaking and a week ago it started to send me same sms, over and over again. I always have 1 new sms on the display....but I don't actually have a NEW.

I like this phone a lot, but it's time to get a new on.

  • Hooray

I've had this handset about 8 months. Still undecided. Great sometimes. Crap the next. The ringtones are lame & need to download to make it good. Needs a radio or MP3 to cook. Reckon I got a chicks phone damn it!

  • Anonymous

hi how r u da baadu/////

  • Anonymous

its killer man..

  • Thomas

I have my phone for about two years, and the battery is totally empty after two days and even faster is you call 5 times a day...

I'm searching for a new battery..


Hey ive had my Lg phone dor nearly a year and the battery now doesnt even last two days.. does anyone else have this problem? Please help

  • Nic

well i got this phone around easter and now a few months down the track (about September) some of the number buttons don't work. to send a message it could take up to 5 min. i have to shake the phone around untill the letter of number. At one point only 3 buttons worked, the red phone green phone and the menu button. i still have the phone now in November and im looking at geting amother phone

  • mal80

security code.......?????????????my phone lock screen "enter security code"

  • Anonymous

I've had my phone for about a year. Its a great phone! However, like the majority of you - I cant hear the other person in a call anymore. So I'm off to buy a new one.. *sigh* it was good when it lasted

  • Vampy

Does the usb work ? ... if yes .. where can I get the driver ? ..

  • Kelly

Agree with most ppl here - great phone with many problems - i won mine through a competition.

Anyways - i have been using mine as a camera mostly and now have decided to upgrade but first need to get my pics onto my computer. i bought a data cable, have installed all software but still cant get pc to recognise my phone - would love to get some advice :)

  • emily

where can i get FREE java games, ringtones and wallpapers from?

  • Vampy

does the infra-red thing work on this phone? i have an infrared port but i cannot send or recive any pictures. there isn't an option for "send via infrared" . i bought mobiledit ... it doesnt work

sorry for my impoliteness

help please!!!

  • jodie

would like to kno how to change the clock display on the front LCD from analog to digital...anyone kno how?

  • Jodie

hey, i luv my phone but i was wondering how to get songs from my pc to the phone using the cd they gave me, ive tried but it dosnt seem to wanna work...like just songs ive burned etc etc.. ??? any1 kno?

  • shari

omg !!!! i though i was the only one but my speakers are brocken and its only 8 months old, i agree stay away from this one!And i have never been able to send pictures!