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LG F2100

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  • Chris Antonius

Hi,i would like know you have phone covers for the LG F2100 AND A battery.please aqauint me with these.

my phone i am with it now for 2years but i have only experience one problem with it and thats a speaker but still it si working.

please look forward to your prompt reply.

Thank you.

  • Jay

DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE... I have had the same trouble.. the speaker went on it and now i can no longer hear people talk when they call me... unfortunately this happened a week or two outside the 1 year warranty.... The reception is dodgy... the battery life is poor the pictures are blurry and the ringtones are of such a high pitch nature that they pay no resemblance to what they are trying to imitate.... AVOID AT ALL COSTS.... you WILL be Diappointed

  • Julie

I bought this phone secong hand from a mate at work and he had taken good care of it... it is now just over a year old.. i have only had it for about a month and it has only been trouble... The ear piece has borken and i can now no longer hear when people call me which upon reading this site seems to be the problem of many people.. AVOID LIKE THE WHITE PLAGUE

  • JW

Hi, my GF bought this phone on a plan over a year ago, and we still haven't worked out how to send MMS. The menu just seems to go around in circles. The phone speaker broke after 10 months. Luckily still under warrenty.
DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE unless you have a degree in LG electronics

  • tim

Hi was wondering if anyone else has had their LG F2100,s ear speaker stop working, i dont wont to take it in for service, but if anyone knows what it might be id like to hear from you cheers. tparke@gmail.com

  • Anonymous

" How do you send photos to other people? help pls"

Ok, try this ;

1. At Main Menu, select Messages. Then, Select Settings.
2 Then, select Multimedia Messages. Then select Network Settings...

3. IF you're on OPTUS...the you'de click optus MMS....then Activate...and wallah..you're done

I hope that helped :)...

  • Anonymous

How do you send photos to other people? help pls :D

  • idy

was just about getting one for myself but was promptly told by a pal that they dont last. so that made me opt out. but i still think its a lovely phone

  • Anonymous

lol...ummm how do you turn this phone on lmao :(

  • Anonymous

i just got this fone and its really gr8 but it scratches easly but i got a mobile sock 4 myne so its all good. the fone has a gr8 camera and i luv the fact that u can download ringtones and other wallpapers from the little program thingy. all up i recon this fone rox!

  • Ange

I have this phone and don't like it. I have problems with the ring tones changing themselves, the Sub LCD screen no longer works and the phone is only 4 months old, sending text is a pain in the rear (too many options) and the keypad sounds are crappy.

  • emsi83

Ive had this phone for close to a year now n its totally doin my head in. Ive taken it to get fixed at least 3-4times. The first time they replaced the battery then they replaced the main board of the phone so basically my whole phone is new but it'll only charge half way. Ive been told by LG to send to them in sydney so they can look at it and possible replace it

  • karly

this phone is great my friend has it and i loved it and my dad bought me 1 and i love it so much i love the ring tones and the camera is great holding 900 pictures..i dont like how the ring tone starts off low then goes to high but i'll live with it..lol

  • Anonymous

hey i just got this phone a couple of months ago and i tinhk it is fine. but sometimes i set it to a ringtone and when someone else will call it plays a different ringtone. hey does anyone know how to put music onto it? i dont know how to use the software very well. if someone could email me i would greatly appreciate it. thanx.

  • Camilla

Hey! I really hate this mobile. I left it for service four times now. And it's still not fixed. I'm so angry I don't know what to do. I have this problem with the tone which comes every minute and I can't turn it off. Whether the funktion is on or off it, I hear the tone. It drives me crazy. The tone is much louder and clearer then the regalur minute-tone. It's something else and I don't know what it is.. it's not the DTMF-tone. Please I need help, someone who knows? // Milla

  • bronte

hi. i baught my LG F2100 off of a friend and it worked great. but one day i stopped being able to hear my dial tone and the person i was calling. they can hear me but i cant hear them. i can hear the effect tones like my sounds and stuff but my mike isn't working. it isn't on mute and the volume is all the way up, and i dont know weather it is broken, and that i should take it to get it fixed. if i took it to get fixed somethere where would i take it and how much would it cost? could someone please help me? i like this fone but not the colour(its orange)i am with virgin mobile and since i baught it off my friend i dont have the instruction malual or any of the things it came with! please help, bronte :(

  • mick

security codes easy standard is '0000'

  • mikki

i think that this phone is alright..but mine has broken SO many times its just not funni...and im not even rough with it!
and i have been locked out of it bye the 'security code' its not the 'PUK' code its that securite code....and i have never had one, and i was just wondering if there was like a code that i could use to fix it.

  • Alice

I think this phone is great but i really don't know how to use the software to put music, pictures and games onto your phone, if anyone knows how to please email me with detailed steps thanks!

  • Anonymous

im having problems getting music on to phone if u can help e-mail me