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LG F2100

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  • whitey

hey this is and average fone i prefere the motorola e398 . n e ways is this fone able to get mp3 ringtones if so plz tell me. thanx

  • sez

I've had this phone for about 8 or 9 months. My phone doesn't freeze or turn it self off.. except for one time but its very rare for it to act up. I've noticed the battery doesn't last as long as nokia's.. but it depends how much your using the phone (taking pics etc..) It doesn't have MP3 and you can't use voice recorded messages as your ringtone or message tone, it also doesn't have a composer. To see the person whose calling you, you must take a picture of the person but in the lowest size which is 48 x 48. Okay, hope this helps.


your mobil fail about camera picture can not save because too full

  • tyran

i got a new virgin mobile snapper and i wanted to know if i could set my voice recordings as a ringtone. email me if u have a idea

  • LG User

LG fone is such a suckerrr in the battrey and the cable is not a USB cable like samsung its a data cable (old type)My new com dosent't support data cables anymore! but it has a USB port this fone Suks!

  • gina

Everyone seems to be complaining about the battery life, but what can you expect if you're constantly using the camera or using your phone constantly? I've only had my phone for a little while but the battery seems fine to me.

  • Woody

ive had this fone a month or so, and i know everything about it, ill answer all of ur questions in this one comment, maybe....

1. if u want to record ur voice, go to tools, voice recorder.
2. if u want to take phonebook photos, go to camera, go to take picture, then all u gotta do is scroll across and choose the 48 x 48, then save, then go to phonebook to set it as a photo.
3. to get games onto ur phone u have to link itto ur computer, there is a cable that comes with a phone, plug it into one of the com ports, install the software and away u go.
4. to get photo's out of the photo bank on ur computer, go to "my computer", C: (or whatever ur drive ur disk is called) "program files", "LGGSM", "contents bank", "contents", "upload". this is where all ur uploaded photos are stored.
5. also if u want ur phone to connect properly, u have to set the bps rate to 19200.
6.if you want good ringtones go to "www.midi4u.com" and download ringtones. once u have the midi, go to google and download "PSM player" this program converts midi's, once u have got psm player, click the first menu, then go to "SMAF" then choose "SMAF 40 Chords" save ur file to a folder, then access the folder through LG contents bank, then download it to ur phone.

(There is much more i know, please email me for more info, and faq's)

If you have any more queries, don't hesitate to email me on: joshuawoody_001@hotmail.com


where do i begin, this phone is horrible we have had nothing but problems with every single phone that has been sold. They have all been brought back with numerous faults in them and when we rang LG to rectify the situation they wnated nothing to do with it even after the phone had been repaired twice and replaced once they still didnt care. i wouldnt want my worst enemy to have this phone, the phone and its manufacturer have disappointed me greatly.

  • LG Custormer:)

LG s cool nice and silky but there one thing the battries are lousy fast finish buuuuu!!!
it only have 1 game by defalt so lame.....BUT I STILL LUV IT!@#

  • Sander

I loved my LG, my wife bought it for me, for my birthday. It worked perfectly well until a few days back, it started to freeze whenever I open INBOX. It frustrated me because you have to open/close the battery to reset the phone!
*It's got Infrared IRDA
*Its got nice ringtones Polyphonic
*Sound is clear and hard
*Visual display is perfect
*Phone handles photo's well but at night can give problems
*The phone gives trouble to download games
*Voice recorder only 19sec - to short
*No video clip feature
*No MP3 feature
*Phone cannot select other message alert tones
*Has no voice command option
*Camera settings stays the same, you have to change it every time.
*Internet gives alot of problems and it loads for quite a while
*You can put a photo of someone when calling you, by taking it in the smallest mode 48x48, then selecting it in phonebook
*Phone has a sleek design and the antenna is very strong, but the screen tends to get dirty quikly
*In the sun the picture quality is no existant.
*Love the big keys on the keypad
*Love the options of deleting everything
*Can remove the operator logo in settings menu 7
*Speaker volume too loud for the ear speaker
*Memory is small
*Can only download 59 pics, bad for me

I recommend this phone strongly, but like everything its got it good and bad!!!
I returned my phone to the supplier and they said it's a software problem.

Kind regards,
Ps.Andrew, South-Africa

  • Amélia Manela

Hai i have problem with my mobile LGF2100. my mobile phone is mute i already tried to unmute but i couldn't.

Do I have to use the handset to unmute my mobile?

Hope to get your respon ASAP


  • Anders

Hello i have problems setting my mobil up for mms i cant find the automated setup for it anywhere i would like some help with that plz


  • cyrielle

hi... could anyone tell me please how to see the photo of the person who's calling me? i never found out...

  • emsi83

yea my phone tends to turn itself off then turns inself bak on again but does this very rare.

if the internet doesnt work then it usually has something to do with ure network not the actual phone

  • stanley

I just purchase this phone. If there is any
questions who can i ask for further assistance.


  • Jessby

I have this phone, i find that it freezes alot and also turns itself on and off, and also the internet is very tempermental and will only work occasionally, in my opinion there are many better phones out there

  • julia

im about 2 buy this fone on ebay and i was wondering is it a good quality fone how good are the photoes thnx please send an email back to tell me

  • emsie83

I just read on a site that this phone has MP3 Player...it doesnt does it?

Ive had this phone for awhile and dont notice it =/

  • Rosie


I was hoping someone could tell me if it is possible and if so how to get another sound as your message alert tone. I have bought a tone from Jamster and its in my sounds folder, but I don't know how to move it to the message alert tones folder, if its possible.



  • Maddy

i am about to buy this phone and i want to no a couple of things.
can u use voice recordings as your ringtone?
are the photos good quility?
does it have composer?
what otheer phones is the infared compadible with?
please answer any of my questions. THanx!