LG F2100

LG F2100

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  • Joel

hi i am really happy with the phone and its features, i bought it about a week ago but a couple of things i would like to know is where can you download free games of the net and put them on the phone and also i would like to know if it is possable to set one of my ringtones as a message alert, i have no idea how.

thanks heaps, joel

  • Sparky

The phone is ok, but id wud luved it if it had bluetooth and mp3 player.Buit it dont.My screen also makes this small lines that runs over my screen,but theyre only noticeable when you look closely.My nokia doesnt do it,and that suck.

  • Sparky

The phone needs a MP3 player,Bluetooth and not stupid infrared, becos its useless.I cud have bought a motorolla V457 with video player,mpg and bluetooth but im kinda happy with my phone becos it a rare phone in my town

  • emsi83

My internet and mms rnt working now!! I rang optus and they cant do anything bout it over the phone so i have to go a an OPtus World shop and they should be able to fix it

ANyone had this problem before

I agree with the battery..i havta charge mine every nite

  • fabri

im planning to buy this phone next week.
i realy love this phone
is it worth the money??
please some1 tell me

  • pj

wen i saw dis fone, i was in love wid it & bought it fo ma 18th!! but... i don recommend it to any1 hus plannin to get it!!! its shyt aye... gotta charge it ebri single tyme & its drivin me insane! i lub tokin on z fone, but cant tok too long... arghh!!! but i looove z colour!!! its orange.. soo sexc... hehe...

  • emsi83

Does anyone know how to download games for this phone? And how to get more msg sounds?

  • george

just about finished the manual now .the resolution of the photos are excelent.finding it very user freindly too. if u gonna buy this phone get titanium silver colour ,its a lot sexier than the spewy orange!


bought this phone today,still reading manual butam happy so far,the address book photo thig got me til i found out u have to take photo in 48x48 format for it to fit.the flash is not that bright.would like the clock to stay on on the mini screen all the time .any ideas?

  • cindi

want to by this phone soon but want to know if it is user friendly like a nokia

  • jack

hello ppz,does dat phone receive some kinda thangs by gprs or when we connect to pc unless i know? once i got that colourful thing on the sub lcd of the phone and now i got a analog watch and it doesnt get out.can that be true?thx

  • Milko_123

I am thinking of getting this phone but want to know if it really worth the money?
is it good and does it have any bad things about it? thanxs!!!

  • Lisa

To Erin,

i'am not sure wether you're having the same problem as i did, but you should start up the software programme first before you connect the phone to your computer. This is because the software tends to crash if you connect the phone first.

  • anthony

hey wats doin, i was wonderin' if u can download ringtones or games to the computer then put them on the fone via the usb cable thing , thanx a mil

  • Erin

Can anyone please help me I am having problems with my phone and it is making me depressed. Firstly when i connected the phone using the datacable the first time it worked however when i tried again the next day the system says it can not connect to the phone and to check connectiion. I have re loaded the software and checked many times and nothing will work. Can someone help me this is annoying me. I have tried and tried to get the phone to connect to the computer but nothing is working.

  • sez

no you cant put voice recorded messages as your ringtone. which really sux, coz ive tried heeps of ways to try and do it but it doesnt work. so you CAN'T put voice recorded msgs as your ringtone or message tone.

  • emma kate

ok i have FINALLY figured out the photo call thing...read it in another page. but yeh can someone please help me with the 2nd part to my question?

  • emma kate

ok can someone PLEASE HELP ME!! i have spent countless hours trying to figure these few things out for myself and i cant so PLEASE HELP!!

1. i still cannot figure out how to select a picture to put as the picture that appears when someone is calling. can someone pls give me easy step by step directions on this??

2. also, i was wondering if you could record sounds and then make them the ring tone? if you can, could someone please tell me how?


  • sez

yes it does have a recorder.

  • lauz

does it have voice recorder. plz sum1 tell me