LG F2100

LG F2100

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  • hirani

the phones good. only having one problem. when downloading pictures from the phone to pc they are only stored in the data bank file. it does not allow me to save it in separate folders or emailing the picutures. can somebody please help me.

  • Lisa

i cant seem to get infared to work! do u need to connect it to the internet first or what? there is a lot of things about this phone that i dont understand.. can anyone help?!

  • Mitch

to carli,

yes, dis fone has infrared

  • carli

does anyone know if this phone has infrared?

  • lottie

When i got this phone it came with a usb connection thing and the guy at the shops i bought the fone from said that you can upload the pictures taken from your phone onto your computer. i dont no how to do this does anyone no?

  • sez

umm.. i dont think you can change the LG logo when it's up.. but to change the clock shut the phone then hold the arrow button on the left side of the phone down for about 3 or 4 seconds then it should come up as the pic you want.

  • chrosi_cucumber

the phone is great and all, but how do u change the outer screens backrgound? whenever i change it it always just does nothing.
It always stays as the lg logo when open and the clock when shut?
can somebody tell me how to change the little screens background?

  • ehi

pls i wantd 2 eind out if i can convert the recordede sound 2 ringtones.

  • sez

does anyone know how to put your own songs onto your phone through the contents bank thing?? please help

  • andy

Hey I am thinking about buying this phone - can anyone tell me if there is a battery alert tone when the battery is running low? I previously had another lg phone that didn't do and found very annoying. Thx

  • Nick

hello, this phone is realy good everything is good about it. But when i use the sound recorder it plays back realy low even with the volume full any answers ?? thanks


its so cool but can you change the case or can you buy a type of skin for it plese help

  • sarah

can anyone tell me how to get any other noise on the message tone, the 4 options are no good. any web sites free ones i will even pay for it if i get some other noise

  • Sarah

what is the thing that u have to download to use the contents bank? please help me ! everything other then the computer stuff (which i cant get to work) on this phone is great. can someone please help me?

  • Melissa

i'm in love wit my LG, the only prob wit the phone was getting pics 4 phonebook, but dat's sorted from dis page but i have a HUGE problem wit LG! i can't use my WAP or anthing cuz they apparently haven't forwarded the settings to Vodacom. ia anyone else having this prob? i spoke to LG in jo'burg and got huge attitude from the person i spoke to who still didn't manage to get this sorted. WHAT IS THE PROBLEM? I can't get hold of LG here in durb's and neither can the Voda shop dat i bought the phone from. how do i get hold of these people? i'm no expert wit the fone but this is a real problem, please help.

  • emsi83

To set up picture msgin u will havta call Vodafone..or whoeva ure provider is

To get phonebook pictures you havta change the res to 48x48

I got this phone on a $30mth plan with optus

Does anyone know..the other day some1 sent me a pic and wen i went to look at it my phone turned itself off then bak on again. Anyone know why?

  • krystle

i really would like to buy this phone, but i cant find the price of it anywhere. It seems really really good and it looks great, that is what attracted me to it in the first place anyways.
i really would like to no what the price is though, can somebody please tell me???

  • Rae

ok, i recently bought this phone and i am going insain, does anyone know how to get photos into phonebook pictures. the manual is horrible it says sh*t all. Thanks heaps

  • Anonymous

Infrared, camera, internet work superbly although the phone is not recommended for people who cant read the manual. I use to work at a phone company, and people would complain so much about features not working, id ask if they simply read the manual they would say yes, so i would them how to get it to work and show the the page in the manual, they always look so embarrassed!

  • Shellzy

Hey! I got my new mobile about a week ago now but i still cant set it up to recieve picture msgs or anything like that. Can anyone tell me how to do this without seeing vodafone???? I would be very greatful for any help you could give me!