LG F2100

LG F2100

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  • sez

hey does anyone what kind of ringtones you can transfer to your fone when you use the LG contents bank thing.. ?? i mean like can you use songs you've downloaded, put on the comp etc.. ?

  • Bergs

i got my phone jus the other day and b4 i did anything i sat down and read the manual and everything is great! it works fine. i can get polys and everything. pictures songs. i can also transfer my songs and pictures from my puter to my phone. all good.
cheers everyone!

  • emsi83

I ust bought this phone yesterday with optus on $30 plan. Im luvin it' Its a great phone, has good picture quality.

U wont know wot its like till you buy it =)

Hav fun!!!

  • samuel

may i know if we can use downloaded ringtone as a msg tone ? For those f2100 users, how frequently do u need to charge the phone ? thanks in advance for answering that =>

  • Ediene Joseph

I have used the phone about 3 weeks now. its about the fourth phone i have used recently. second of LG product. Its very cool. The messaging is just too good. The Camera so beautiful.

  • JeSka

Is the battery on the phone really bad or do ppl juz like 2complain?i wanna buy one but if the battery goes flat really quickly i wanna no??? Thanx mwah

  • sez

umm.. yeah ive had my phone for probably about a month now and my infared, bluetooth and internet doesnt work.. does anyone know why?

  • Jenza

Oh and also, you know the alarm, how do you change that from the honking ship?

  • Jenza

I downloaded a poly ringtone form gsmarena, but it didn't really work. Can someone tell me the exact steps that have to be taken? Puhleeassse. Other than that, this phone is awesome.

  • tune

i've been given a new lease on life with this phone. LG2100 is a mad investment and should be bought by all pimp daddys. i'm lovin in the sack or just pumping along to the beat of the drill. buy this phone or you are a loser. i gotta lay off the smack hey

  • matt

by the way, to have pictures of people in the phonebook, you have to take them in the lowest quality, which you do by scrolling across in camera mode, then going down (48x48 pixels i think), and the flash is just a camera light, not a proper light

  • matt

do not buy this phone, it doesn't work, the features are terrible, it's far too expensive, i had to take mine back because the internet, camera and infared didn't work

  • Annonymous

IMO.. i hav this phone it's great it has good features but the only problem is the battery.. im not really a "phone nerd" so i dont use it that much but the battery still goes down easily.

  • sez

hey does anyone no how to turn the flash on for taking pictures?? not the torch..

  • mel

the way u switch it off is hold down the red phone button and it'll swith off

  • Anonymous

I'm thinking about purchasing one of these phones, but I've Heard all sorts of different reviews. So I'm now wondering if the LG F2100
is good enough to buy? Could you please tell me if they're good enough!

  • shan

I have trouble transfering .gif to my phone thru LG contents bank...it's says it's not supported..but when i go to help section, it says .gif is supported.. help!

  • sez

i was jus wondering if there was neway that u cud chnge the colour on the outside of the fone coz i hav the orange covered 1 n the colour is a bit off.. imo

  • John

End of the day, its a phone to my phone calls on. You want a camera go by a camera, you want an mp3 player, go buy an mp3 player. You want a coffee maker go buy a coffee maker. The phone is really cheap compared to what it offers. Its the same price as the Nokia 2100, but a hell of a lot better!

  • benji

I've just bought an LG 2100. Does anyone know how to turn off the running puppy on power on and power off? I've read the manual and can't seem to get rid of it. The only thing i can do is change the volume level to zero. Thanks !