LG F2100

LG F2100

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  • Carrie

If I we read the manual back to front with all our phones we'd have no life and no time to actually USE the phone

  • Anonymous

I bet you never read the user manual back to front ay. Maybe if you did, you wouldn't have to ask all these questions.....dir

  • suzie_who

I've just bought one of these phones and it's pretty funky so far. My only problem is that I can't get the PC Sync software to work with the phone. The online Help provided with the software is awful (as is the phone's user manual). Any suggestions?

  • Sikosis

yes to all your questions ... except turning it on is in the manual ;)

  • Renay

hey I just brought one from vodafone Aus...very cool indeed!!Just dont know how to get pics of ppl with their names????Annoying as all hell!

If anyone knows pls feel free to let me know....muxch appriciated!Thanks all.....

  • helpless

can i ask how do u turn it on..i took the battery out when the phone is switched on and i cant find the power button

  • ahboy

hi , may i know if this is user-friendly phone ? And can it ring and vibrate at the same time ? Can we spell new words and store in the phone ?

  • debbie

I love this new phone of mine its great and so easy to use only one thing i dont know how to set roaming up on it for when i,m overseas.

  • jenza

im from aus and i was out shopping the other day and i saw an orange f2100. it looks really mad! it costs $439 aussie dollars from telstra. if u wanna maybe find out how much it mite cost in ur country, go to google and type in currency converter. i think it would be around the same price.
- ;) jenza

  • jayden

hey everyone i am goig to get one of these phones on friday and i hope they are as good as you all say they are or ill be back lol.......KIDDING!! well anyway ill tell yas how good it is when i get it ok c ya all MWA

  • miz diz d1

I luv dis fone im from aus and ever one that noes me wants one know. The crap thing is that the battery has to be charged every day. Laters from Miz diz in aus.

  • ME

I have the orange LG F2100 and I absolutley love it. The picture is great, it is easy to use and its very light. I havent had any trouble with the phone at all...The only prob some ppl may find is the battery...if you are a phone nerd then you will be charging it all the time.

P.S- to change the ringtones you have to change it for each group in the phone book....its quite easy!!!!

  • Orph

I love this phone but am having trouble finding games etc to download that are compatible. Has anyone else had any luck?

  • aniek

!!!!! is this phone also available in belgium?? and what is the price, i can't find it anywhere...

  • me me

I cant change my picture quality on my camera? DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW..its stuck on NORMAL!!!!!!!!

  • yuge

is this phone available in the us? if so, where would i be able to buy one? will it work on the cingular network?

  • leese

hey, im looking at purchasing a F2100 but i've heard LG phones dont hold very good reception, i have an optus simcard n was wondering if this is true or not

  • anny

I have this telephone but a i have to recharge it every day..the bathery is sucks

  • Kak√°

I really like this phone (especially the blue one) and Im thinking about buying it... i was just wondering if it had a videorecorder on it or just a camera to make pictures? And how is the quality of the pictures you make (and the films, if there's the possibility to record)?
Thanks for taking the time to answer!!

  • shazburger

Can someone please advise if the picture on the outside of the camera is able to be placed to on all the time???