LG F2100

LG F2100

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  • donnor

Does this phone have e memory card or something like that...becouse 6Mb is not very much i think???

  • Em

How can I make the external display stay on all the time? Is this possible?

  • olowode tunbosun

it very nice & i will want 2 know price in naira form

  • olowode tunbosun

it very nice & i will want 2 know price in naira form

  • TC

The F2100 must have super powers if it has a 250 mega pixel camera. Judgeing by the photo of Nemo, the phone is also waterproff.

  • NA

In profiles select the particular profile setting then go to personalise then go to ring tone. Usually i go to set as ring tone and it works fine!

  • Vic again

When i select a ringtone and i choose it it doesn't changed.
i mean when some one call me,it plays the old ringtone.
can some one help me please.

  • Vic

OMG i can't change the ringtone.
can some one help me?

  • angel

Love the phone! High quality sound. Easy to navigate. The enclosed datacable is great, and the enclosed CD, comes with heaps of wallpaper, ringtones and games which saves you having to purchase extra ones.

Extremely happy with it and the funky orange front on the australian model has caught the attention of many people on the street asking me what phone i have etc.

Well done LG a true piece of art!

  • Anonymous

Now available in a prepaid-package in Germany (O2)

  • Courtney

i recently got this phone on a $35 a month plan with optus. i must say i highly recomend this phone, its fun, easy and all around enjoyable to use. unfortunatly there is need for more advertising about this phone before i bought it i had heard nothing about it. out of 10 i give this phone a rating of 9.

  • KdeeS

How much is this phone? I'd like to buy it but i can't find the price newhere!! Damn, someone needs to fix this crap

  • Anonymous

THE 250 MEGA PIXEL IS GOOD. NICE CAMERA...PRETTY ADVANCED BUT STILL WITH A REASONABLE PRICE RANGE. LG HAS GOT ITSELF A WINNER BY INVESTING And using its design skills beyond its already remarkable appliances. im a little iffed by the fridge with the tv...i menif you wanna be so lazy as to not go too far from the food and tv....anyway the phone is great.well done lg your talent has not gone to waste


still it very good. yes i like. i buy this phone. how much. great body and design very hot.


so cool it rocks

  • Chris Mcmallus

This phone totally rocks!!!! more power to you... peace on earth and goodwill to all men!

  • loz

like the style of the phone

  • Anonymous

I am getting a new phone here in the next 2 weeks and am looking at this one....just wondering what people really feel about it.

  • Anonymous

shit fone i wouldnt take 1 if it was given 2 me all lg fones r SHIT

  • skyortho

Hi.. F2100 can support IRDA...