LG Folder 2

LG Folder 2

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Hi, I would like to buy one if it works in Europe... where could I buy it ? I made some research but LG does not seem to sell it directly here... Thank you

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 May 2020Why is there no 3.5 audio jack? Probably because it's small, although it is dissapointing there isn't one

  • Anonymous

Why is there no 3.5 audio jack?

  • Musketeer Oliver

Lolakshi, 27 Apr 2020Whatsapp support or not?Yeah, there'll be... Because it's using some kind of android related OS.... Possibly the KaiOS.....

  • Anonymous

Please release this phone in all markets !!

  • Viper

Good to see. But need lots of improve why headphone jacks removed and y you guys are not get good ideas to work.

  • Lolakshi

Whatsapp support or not?

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Budget device! Well just not sure its a good smartphone needs maybe a bit better specs for the power users but for the average non-gamer or just common email / messages user it should be fine. :D

  • Hans Gutiens

Does it support Viber?

  • GrantasHifipro

Hi this phone looks good for mothers. And this phone a very new.

Anonymous, 20 Apr 2020Ideally 4 - 4.5 inch screen pocket size bezel less smart ph... moreTotally agreed, in lot of case there's a lot low budget phone with price range lower than "Feature Phone" but the screen is just too large, usually 6 inch up, there's no recent full screen smartphone with screen lower than 5 inch, and importantly even "Feature Phone" have ability to run gmaps & Whatsapp etc., it's screen
is just too small and no front facing camera, we need work oriented smartphone that we used for chat & call but have screen less than 5 inch with front facing camera & run on android

  • Anonymous

Ideally 4 - 4.5 inch screen pocket size bezel less smart phone is required with min 2 gb ram n 32 gb rom is the need of the hour who are looking for a portable device.

  • Anonymous

A Time Traveler Phone.
Or The phone that traveled in time.

  • anon

Would have gotten it if it was around 50€

  • Anonymous

150??? Is this a joke???

s4f786, 18 Apr 2020There Is some people who will like this but at 150, no way,... moreThere's nothing interesting about the phone.... It should be around 30-40 dollars.

There Is some people who will like this but at 150, no way, this should have been 50-80, you essentially are just paying for the form factor and nothing else end of the day

  • sayabosanhidup

NK00789, 17 Apr 2020Without google aaps huwaewi also does the same thing o well it might be a joke to you
but a blessing for many others

150€ ??? Hahaha!

Old school, 17 Apr 2020But even its not a smartphone, this type of phone have 8gb ... moreThere is big difference between nokia 2720flip and this one. Kai os takes much lesser space and web apps doesn't accumulate space like Android apps. 8gb is nothing for an android device for any tging other than calling. 4gb is enough in in my jiophone for whatsapp,(mostly messages and occasional jpg/pdf documents), youtube, movie streaming apps like jiocinema and hotstar, music streaming app(Saavn) etc. But if I use same apps in a 8gb android within one month I will be out of space.