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  • Silverbullit

Anonymous, 26 Jan 2019Best phone ever. Beautiful pics. Crisp and clear screen. Techolo... moreBought mine new in 2014 still works great, I hate Samsung, my wife has nothing but problems

  • Pyx

I bought my LG G3 unit last 2015. All works good until I updated the firmware from my phones firmware update. Then it keeps shutting off,...rebooting issues...

Until now, my phone is useless. I don't know what to do. There are lots of users are encountering this also around the world.

  • stewwwww

Mr Godas , 30 Mar 2019I, anyone can tel me if d855 have 2 or 3 gb ram ,thanks in advance 2 gb

  • Anonymous

Mr Godas , 30 Mar 2019I, anyone can tel me if d855 have 2 or 3 gb ram ,thanks in advance 16 gb Rom version have 2gb ram and 32 gb is 3gb ram

  • Mr Godas

AnonD-632062, 27 Oct 2018A phone that was way ahead of it's times.you´r bloody right .i have mine since july 2014 and still working fine,only need a new battery,i think its normal after this time

  • Mr Godas

I, anyone can tel me if d855 have 2 or 3 gb ram ,thanks in advance

  • Anonymous

Mine died with a struggle.
Heating up and flickering.
LG didn't admit it. But many LG G3 suffered same problem.

Anonymous, 23 Feb 2019A terrible phone; almost half of G3s died of the totally underpo... moreYou can't use a 5-year old phone as if it were a computer or playing havy games designed for 2018 hardware. Mine is nearly five years old and works perfectly except some overheating when recording videos or playing recent games on it. So either use it as a secondary appliance or spend the right amount of money on a new heavy duty phone.

  • Mose

Ron7x, 13 Feb 2019I have replaced my dead motherboard(d855) to a new (d851, bluesk... moreMine too from D855 to D851 and it's now good as new

  • FiyeroEich

I am only using Facebook, but it tends to overheat even after using it for only 15 minutes. The camera shuts down because of the heat after 5 mins of continous filming.

  • Anonymous

A terrible phone; almost half of G3s died of the totally underpowered chipset causing overheating and fatal death of the motherboard. LG knew this but still released the G4 with almost the same issue !sadly a brand definitely to avoid ...no other option, too bad.

  • Ron7x

I have replaced my dead motherboard(d855) to a new (d851, bluesky brand) and it works! It's just that i can't update the phone but I've got a network signal.

  • Sane

Bought my G3 on May 2016 and this far its been a huge disappoinment. Its so slow, overheating and the 16gb internal space isnt enough for apps, although it depends what kind of user you are. In general, this phone has given me too much extra stress over the years and im giving it up soon. Never gonna buy q LG phone again.

Had the phone 2019 of January and so far have been enjoying it

  • Anonymous

Best phone ever. Beautiful pics. Crisp and clear screen. Techology ahead of the most mobiles...especially for when it just came out.
Removable memory sin card. You can add plenty of memory in additon to what it comes with.
Screen face is nice and big..comes all the way to all the edges. No front button. Well engineered.

LG - well done

  • Ron7x

Anonymous, 04 Nov 2018I bought this phone in December 2015. It was working fine until ... moreJust bought a new motherboard online. Hope it'll work. I will use it as back up phone. Miss my G3. Goodluck to me!

  • Anonymous

Saeed, 06 Jan 2019it remains in a boot loop after a while unfortunately...to change the battery!:)

  • Saeed

it remains in a boot loop after a while unfortunately...

  • LJB

Panchoq2k, 20 Dec 2018im still using this LG G3 and it works well! i have being using ... moreReally? Amazon and Ebay both have dozens of listings for new LG g3 batteries...

  • Bel

This is honestly the best phone I ever had and today, after 3 and a half years of faithful service, my poor G3 finally gave out. I'm so sad to say goodbye. :'(

I love this phone and used it heavily since I got it. The screen is just gorgeous, the back camera takes amazing photos (even panoramas!), the sound quality is great, it felt great to hold (all those curves made it super comfortable) and I know people complain about the battery life, but I always kept a power bank nearby so battery was never a problem for me.

I bought my G3 mid 2015 I visited 2 LG service centres during it's lifetime. One in March 2017, and they were SO HELPFUL I'M HONESTLY SO GRATEFUL TO THE LG TEAM THEY ORDERED A NEW MOTHERBOARD FOR ME ALL THE WAY FROM KOREA!!! my phone was good as new!

And a different service centre a few weeks ago but unfortunately they couldn't help me because LG has aleady stopped production of this model so it's not possible to get new parts anymore. I'm sad but it's understandable, this phone came out in 2014 and now we're on the verge of 2019. Most phones only have a life cycle of 2 years.

Anyway! I just want to say thank you to LG for an amazing phone and amazing customer service. I will definitely be looking up the G6 and G7 as candidates for my next phone. May you have plenty success with all your great prodcuts. :)