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  • Alex

Ishmah, 26 Aug 2020I need its touch sceen..we have many of them ig good condition in recycle bin after forensic procedure.

  • Ishmah

I need its touch sceen..

  • Itmam

Very Good Phone. Good Build Quality with Good Design. Very minimal bezels and is still comparable to some phones of today. Display is Shaaarp & Crispy. Performance is okish for now but works good even today. But it heats up pretty easily and also the battery is pretty average. Although camera of it was pretty good specially in terms of videos.

  • passerby

Arsal, 03 May 2020This phone has a flickering issue When this phone heats i... moreyou need a fix to this phone it's overheating so fast
follow this guide https://forum.xda-developers.com/lg-g3/general/guide-fix-display-flickering-overheat-t3563068/page10

  • Malaysia citizen

I bought this phone last 3 day and surprisingly very smooth better than my lg g6.battery also good(must disable unwanted aps)
Now i order 3800mah battery for it.keep rocking

  • Arsal

This phone has a flickering issue
When this phone heats it's processor chip come upwards and.its starts flickering.After again heating up chip it starts working for 8 hours and again flickering
Please give me suggestions

I bought LG G3 D855 on May 2014 and the phone started to give problems on June 2015 (reboot loop). The person at the LG authorized service centre said that the motherboard has gone. My money got wasted. Then I bought Samsung Note 4 SM-910G on June 2015 and Samsung A9 pro 2016 on Dec 2017. Both are working fine till now.

Never use LG handsets even if given free. A worst worst company in mobile handsets.

  • retroelectrik

Okay, I would love to make this short. But well..here it is: 2014 I bought my original G3. Used it until January 2015 without issues, but it "disappeared" one day when I took my dog out to run in a field full of snow. So I had to buy another one. In April 2015 my wife took my dog out to the same field and found a G3 frozen and incased in ice. So I set my recovered G3 on a hot water rad to melt all the ice off of it, then I took the back off of it, removed the battery and put it in a jar of rice for 3 days. Battery was toast but I had a spare and put it in and powered it up and...it worked. FINE! I still have the phone and I bought another as a spare since I don't want to ever be without this phone. Maybe I am lucky. But how can you give up on that?

  • Samus aran

sohail shafayat, 01 Mar 2020everything was great but the battery capacityYou should try double power battery for lg g3...

Ahhhh the good old times when LG cared about making the best phones.

everything was great but the battery capacity

  • Hazey

Fixed my D855 32gb .... .... - 3x motherboard switch, 2x screen+digitizer fix, awsome phone to learn a bit "mini PC" fixing :D

16GB version is garbage, 32gb (D855) is quite close to my S6 Edge, but I am now S7 Edge, so gotta sell this masterpiece, s6e will remain as backup =)
I dont trust new LG models, since G4/5 was a disaster.. so moved to Edge series now = 0 regrets
Cheers, guyz! Hazey is outta house for now.. =)

  • Darkangel

After 5 years / 6 my phone has started freezing and having battery issues, Now the battery is fixable, freezing is not. After learning this phone was a competitor to the Samsung Galaxy S5, Wow this phone is awesome for its age. It beats some flagships today, minus the no fingerprint sensor which is expected they had none them days.

  • Best

Yes, and after 5 years, super phone, screen, sound, quality...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Jul 2019Like other siblings(even new one), LG G3 has screen flicker... moreI wish I read that comment before I bought my new Lg G8S. Lg brand is garbage.

  • JSKI

I also have the screen flickering and fading issue, it started about 3 years after launch and resulted in it living in the cupboard up until about a week ago.

Obviously the problem is still there and I have looked up the aluminum and heat fixes etc, since im only using it for a couple more weeks I dont feel the effort is worth it.

I assumed the issue was hardware based so I didnt delve much deeper into it and just replaced it with one of the galaxy devices.... I should of looked into it more...

Today I somehow accidentally (yes accidentally and I have no idea how) put the phone into safe mode and the screen hasn't flickered or faded at all.

My issue is identical to everyone elses apart from overheating (mine goes crazy when its cold and gently rubbing the screen used to help it calm down a bit.

  • Upset

Bought a new verve Honda with android and apple interface capability with our phones. NONSENSE from what I can tell this and many other phones DO NOT work and won’t connect via usb. THIS REALLY PISSED ME OFF. This LG 3 aristo is a month old and Honda doesn’t recognize Android 9 which is what we have. NONSENSE!!!

  • Millenium8

Anonymous, 29 Nov 2019"My lg g3 has problem the screen turns back out when it bec... morethe solution is very simple! Your phone has a very high wattage antenna for a cell phone, that is why your phone gets hot! Truly you should be at least 8ft away from it when it gets like that. The BEST solution I've found is to use a Harmonic Shield in the middle of the phone to reduce the SAR of the microwaves/Bluetooth spectrum from the anntenna! you can buy them easily on amazon if you wish. Hope I got to u in time to help,

Peace and Love

  • Anonymous

"My lg g3 has problem the screen turns back out when it becomes hot I can't use it what is the solution to this pls help me"

I have same problem..happened on same day????
Changed battery..and fully charged.
Did not resolve the problem!

  • Jev

My lg g3 has problem the screen turns back out when it becomes hot I can't use it

what is the solution to this pls help me