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  • Mj600

I wonder what type of specs the nexus 6 will ship with.


i already own this. its great.

  • AnonD-88967

Please do not crap it with your lame comments guys; definitely we don't know anything concrete on S800 or S801.!

  • Anonymous

Mobilemaster, 12 Apr 2014I really hope they will have a bigger success this time. I hope ... moreremovable battery is must!
i want g3!

  • Android Budda

Like it. Should also launch with Water Proof or Resistance. ☺😊😃&#12851­6;

  • read

totally redundant phone, with idiotic QHD resolution straining processor unnecessary

I really hope they will have a bigger success this time. I hope for a great battery life, good camera, and I hope for that rumored 32 GB internal storage. I also hope it will have an Fm radio too.
Anyway the CPU it is a little bit old, but this is only a rumor. We will know everything on May.

  • Anonymous

picture is fake. dont believe it.

  • Sarper

I don't think it will work have snapdragon 800. It will have snapdragon 801 or 805.

  • ravi12

Lg g2 was best mobile of 2013.it (g3) will be best phone of 2014.screen resolution is highest in history. 3gb ram in a phone. Awesome.
Lg is father of all mobile companies.

  • kamikazi

snap what?

  • AnonD-239081

Quarter 4 and snapdragon 800?? THEY! should put a s808 or the s810 to be for the WIN, or even the smart phone of the YEAR!

  • king

The phone is very good . Its high resulation is too good

  • AnonD-229184

5.5' will ruin the phone size, G2 has the best dimenssions to screen size ratio ever

  • AnonD-250208

The look of the phone is killing me :D

  • ganjaboy_03

i want this phone........

  • AnonD-245624

SnapDragon800? Impossible.

  • Rakesh

Waiting for the release...!

  • arash.n

Cpu is old
And sd card is just 32gb