LG G360

LG G360

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  • Anonymous

ricter, 20 Dec 2017can it do voice to text Yes like to know if too if you are it I has voice to text

  • Zich

Stupid enough this phone has no keylock. When ever open the moment you turn it on

  • akramvv

LG G360 incoming call busy

**Not to be confused with LG 360 CAM**

  • Dhestine

You can veiw your phone's information by tapping Apps from the Home screen.2Tap Settings.3Tap About Device.4Tap Status.5You can successfully view your phone's information.

  • ricter

can it do voice to text

  • AnonD-716026

Why is such a phone released in 2015? May as well get a cheap smartphone...

  • SM

How could I get the FCC ID for LG G360?

  • aj77

will this be available in the Philippines? can't wait to have this phone...

  • Abdul

Could some one tells me how I can buy it?
it's look nice phone.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Jul 2015Its still not abailable here.i hv some problems wid dis set... moreN yeah it has great features like mp3 ringtones.1.3 mp camera n 16gb sd card slot..games..great battery..everything..just a bit fat n no external screen..still much better then all other fones..i l try to keep it forever if no fone wid

  • Anonymous

Its still not abailable here.i hv some problems wid dis set.when lg hv all the technology n resources then y its 125gms heavy n 19mm thick..weight should be under 100gms n thickness 15mm max..black color option n memory for storin 2000-3000sms..if you are makin a basic fone just for callin n textin then make these features best.n release it fast.i l buy it as there s no flip fone in d market from bigger brands.

  • AnonD-379568

Smart move but you have to improve it.
LG could sell more than 5 millions pieces of this mobile phone.
Many people need second phone only for calling but with high capacity battery last for 5 days at least.
But please focus on LG G4 and it's bad battery. Please solve this issue

  • niaz

Thousand of ppl are waiting for model of this type,i will get as soon it available in pakistan.but 3g,wifi,and 5mp cam shoul added.

  • Anonymous

If it had whatsapp, a good snes-sega emulator better ppi and flip and swivel screen like seen in iron man 1- i would go for this.

  • Buczek

Yes, I agree, there are some people who need such an old type of phone. It would be great.

  • Gio

what a Machine...!!

  • Ahmad

If it's support WhatsApp and Emails , it will be a great phone for me

  • Anonymous

Leonidus, 25 Jun 2015Y this kind of handsets WHY.....???? Going back to PAST or... moreStrong opinion you have there, you can't see the value of something like this? that's alright, at least you can see that there are other people who want this kind of phone, simple and old, they don't need anything more.

  • AnonD-56158

MUH, 25 Jun 2015Why LG go back to old models?what is the aim of this?Flip phone are good for the elderly. Simple to use with battery life that could last for days.