LG G360

LG G360

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  • AnonD-56158

I miss flip phone. Hope lg will release this in international market. But with an external screen so one doesn't need to open phone to see who is calling.

  • Satish

Not this is 2005,LG target is lower price phone lounching in the market good job LG. Life's good.

  • AKS

Good work LG. I was searching clamshell mobile due to ease of use while talking...those want big mobiles...there are lots of mobile available in the market...go n purchase 10 inch tablet and keep in your pocket but don't make hue n cry here.

  • Anonymous

I like flip phones. I wish motorola release a modern version of the razr v3

  • Leonidus

Y this kind of handsets WHY.....????
Going back to PAST or WHAT.......!!!!!!!
Its good to get design from past but specifications also?
IN 2015 This kind of specifications is NOTHING....zero value....

  • MUH

Why LG go back to old models?what is the aim of this?

  • lamba

nice phone, for someone who don't need smartphone, not all need monster with androshit

  • maksim

Why only 32 mb storage is that problem to make about 4 GB ???

  • Paris

A flip phone? What is this, 2005?

  • ArtificiallyYours

Anonymous, 24 Jun 2015What the hell is this..Something that isn't a fruity ass tablet? Shocking I know, you must have grown up with the iPhone at age three.

  • mooba

what.. the.. f

  • Raj

WP... No Appz, No Gamez, No nothing....
errr... its not WP... ;-)

  • nice

Well, i like those kind of phones but it would be better if they put a good camera on it with at least 5mp autofocus and flash. Also a little better screen maybe 640x480 and wifi would make it the best classic phone.
It doesn't need ram,gpu etc like android, ios and windows, just a little more on classic features like i said camera, screen and wifi.

  • AnonD-409783

Happy New Year 2005! 😆😆

  • Sayon

I wonder, when it comes to Bangladesh... I will buy this phone without hesitation... Love the camshells ...just, If it has

  • Anonymous

This phone must have snapdragon 840 to succeed

  • AnonD-138180

LG gone back to basics?

  • Anonymous

Schenker, 24 Jun 2015WTF....It is ten years ago......What's wrong with that? many people like me don't want smartphone, it will be a sad day when all companies make touch screen smartphones, they all look the same, function the same, and have poor battery life compared to "dumbphone", so i'm glad LG keep making them.

  • zico

Why this phone doesn't have full HD display, Quadcore CPU, 2 gb ram and all other highend specs? That would be cool!

  • Anonymous

8 mb ram...