LG G3 Stylus

LG G3 Stylus

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  • dc

Myo, 26 Sep 2016no otg on it.I have same experienced..my otg don't connected. What should i do?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-558517, 19 Dec 2016Upgrade/Downgrade phone software version ! This is the bes... moreLg

  • .....pak ganern.....

For me all smart mobile phone is good specially when you buy branded mobile after unboxing any mobile phone must read first the manual inside the box.but for me LGg3stylus is good phone thks..

  • AnonD-558517

Priyanka, 17 Dec 2016Its not even a year i am using this phone but its Wi-Fi sud... moreUpgrade/Downgrade phone software version !
This is the best remedy !

  • Priyanka

Its not even a year i am using this phone but its Wi-Fi suddenly gets off and does not allow connection again.i also reset the phone but the problem reocurred no use of restarting the phone also.what shoul i do?

  • nix

Marshmallow , 04 Jun 2016Will the stylus get the marshmallow update neverrrrr

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Nov 2016i am using this phone from last 3 years. Really, it is the ... moreHow did you find a custom ROM for this phone

  • Anonymous

i am using this phone from last 3 years. Really, it is the best phone for me. I tested lot of this on this device.There is no issue with this phone. Accidently, first time it was get droped from 7th floor to ground, three years ago, Nothing happen to this phone. I was surprised. I dont know, how this miracle happen? It just happen. The phone was in good condition.
I tested lots of software, even i changed the phone OS, rooted, every thing. Still mobile have dont problem.
For fun, my collegues use this phone as Ball and doing catch catch practice for teasing me. But i am not wory about it. i know my phone very well. No prb till yet.

They give name to my phone " Hercules Part 2".

Mobile have only 1GB RAM, but no lagging, no problem. Processor is good. Resolution is good. Even the mobile waranty is already expired but i am not worry about my mobile. I know it is good phone. Several times i make my mind to change the phone because three years is very long period for using same phone.

But what can i do? This phone is still alive without any issue.

No problem to battery yet. Only first time i charged the battery 100%. After that i never charged the battery more than 80%. I think this is the main reason for still good battery.

Thanks to LG to make a good and quality phone.

  • Vnzmstr

Vnzmstr, 18 Nov 201617 months, now the clock is acting up. I turned off the scr... moreNeeds to have internet akl the time to fix the time bug. Now it's fine but I should be online all the time

  • Vnzmstr

Vnzmstr, 14 Sep 2016After 14 months of use, the speaker at the back is beginnin... more17 months, now the clock is acting up. I turned off the screen for a second because I'm in the cinema. I turned it on to check the time and it's "00:00". The time now is 2:27 pm. I've already restarted it a couple of times and I've already reset the clock. If I turn the screen off and on again, the clock goes back to "00:00". What the hell

  • Vnzmstr

Waseem ansari , 14 Oct 2016How to format my mobile??? because its suffering Internet ... moreGo to settings, then general and then "reset". Well first of all, before you format your phone, maybe it's your internet provider. Check first.

  • sinoj

otg link

  • vishal

good phone feture low but price high

  • Waseem ansari

Vnzmstr, 15 Aug 2016Well, for the constant hanging and freezing, download the "... moreHow to format my mobile??? because its suffering Internet is very slow
And hanging

  • Anonymous

AnonD-597188, 13 Oct 2016i have bad experience with this Mobile because within 1 yea... moreback data n factory setting dude

  • AnonD-597188

i have bad experience with this Mobile because within 1 year complete problem has been start like Hangover,touch pad,switch off automatically etc..

i have no time to go service centre of LG,but when i went to service centre after 1 year completed the executive told me within complted 1 year you have too submit the device..

  • Myo

RR, 17 Sep 2016Is LG G3 Stylus OTG enabled? I bought sandisk USB drive 30.... moreno otg on it.

  • AnonD-558517

What i like:

The design, its far better than 5.5 inch phone out there
You can also use pencil or keys as stylus on this phone
Rear camera is better than samsung j series even j7
Battery is great

What i dont like:

The UI, its dumb , so is the default keyboard.
The color combination of screen,
Also the screen is only 540 x 960 so pixelated....reading on internet difficiult

  • AnonD-558517

Debster, 14 Sep 2016Well I got this phone 5 days ago, bought it on amazon. Was ... morereturn it. they are good sellers !

  • maggie

Superb phone... i was using from last 2 yrs no any problem with this.......