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  • Therockfordfiles

Someone, 02 Jun 2020Sucks biggest waste of money the piece of crap gets hot as ... moreThat's why crap from Samsung will still be better to use

  • Therockfordfiles

very bsd phone, 10 Jun 2020Simply stoped working one day, looks brand new simply no sc... moreI experienced the same thing with my LG K8 LTE. A problem I never experienced with any Samsung Galaxy models. I could abuse any Samsung phone and these phones still operational

  • Therockfordfiles

Anonymous, 20 Aug 2020Agree, i've replaced the battery almost every year. an... more4k cameras on the previous generation of phones are still better than the 1080p camera you could find on any newer Samsung Galaxy or oppo A series but the g4 would be even more better if it was fitted with a USB type C port

  • Therockfordfiles

Anonymous, 14 Feb 2021Still sporting it till this day (Feb 2021). I'm on th... moreThe G4 is a great mobile but the battery is purely mediocre. But hey, this was 6 years ago and in tech universe , 6 yrs is like 60 yrs

  • Anonymous

Still sporting it till this day (Feb 2021). I'm on the 4th battery(~1.5 year/battery). I heard about solder melting problems and this is why I've not been using a cover without issues. The screen is basically uncrackable as most of the kinetic energy is transferred into the flying battery upon contact with the floor and not into it. Battery life is so so.. Still looking for a proper replacement but I fear it is harder and harder to find as time passes by. It has issues with the radio module resetting itself wihile using wifi 2.4 + bt for longer periods of time but it's not disruptive to its main task of youtube streaming. As I am reading reviews about Samsung XCover Pro it seems that it has software issues (random resets) and such, I'll just order one more battery and hope something good comes up.

  • Mat

Great phone. I've had it for 5 years now and am just now looking for a replacement. The only con that I've come across is that the battery life is crap. It will last a day of light/moderate use. As a phone to get in 2020... probably not the greatest choice, but you can pick them up for $80 or less, so if you're looking for a good phone that has a ton of features and can live with the crap battery life then I say go for it.

  • antiLG

Rubbish phone. The company has made a mistake on its mainboard and never accept complaints of a customers.

  • mikeonb4c

Chuck M, 03 Oct 2020Virtually useless camera. Cannot adjust the quality settin... moreYou're writing this in 2020 for a 2015 model - hardly fair? All I can say is I've had my LG G4 for 4+ years (but now finally about to replace) and when I bought it it could match the very best of phone cameras for image quality, most especially in poor light. It was much cheaper than those phones also. It still does an impressive job IMHO ;-)

  • Anonymous

Bellars, 23 Oct 2020Where can I locate the FM radio App on my LG G4? I bought a... moreyou have to go to the setting and then about phone then update center and there is an app update from there you can download FM radio.

  • Bellars

Where can I locate the FM radio App on my LG G4? I bought a nee one a week ago and cant see the FM radio. Any help please.

  • Chuck M

Virtually useless camera. Cannot adjust the quality settings - the 4MB plus pictures are too large to send anywhere without difficulty. Do not BUY!!!

  • Przemibraniewo

Leo, 05 Jul 2020My LGLS991 do not turn on the movile data .I need one ussd ... moreAll u have to do is set ur APN manually. Its very simple. Just find the apn option in ur network settings then paste ur network default apn values whicb u can find on internet and thats it

  • Anonymous

Raden, 29 Mar 2020Bootloop...change the battery and it will be okAgree, i've replaced the battery almost every year. and it works. Plus limit the running or installed applications to minimized stuck or lag of the phone. I've been using LG G4 for 5 years now, and it still works fine, though i'm using it for SMS, calls and pictures only, sometimes facebook. Lastly, the camera is better compare to new release of other phone manufacturer.

times when phones weren't boring and new models had different and exciting designs

  • Rick

mimi2020, 07 Jul 2020I had a bad experience with this phone in 2016....I bought ... moreHad the same problem. Sent it to LG, They fixed it for free even though I didn't have a warranty on it. Now, a few years later, I fear the same 'boot loop' problem is starting up again.

  • Auwal Suleiman

Please sir hwo can on my LG h811

  • Loser

asiya, 04 Jul 2020LG G4(MOst of LG phones) have a common factory default publ... moreSame problem

I had a bad experience with this phone in 2016....I bought an LG G4 in February of 2016 it had a release date of November 2015,come August 2016 the phone started to have reboot issues and I couldn't use it without it rebooting itself every 2 minutes then it would get stuck in reboot mode and wouldn't get into the system until eventually I could not use it at all.I was so frustrated I had only used it for about 6 months.I then found out that the problem was a global issue with this phone,apparently a manufacturing fault.Unfortunately,I live in Zimbabwe where there was no support whatsoever for the problem I had.The retailers do not accept any items bought back for not functioning properly in this part of the world.I could have sent it back to the manufacturer but I contacted LG South Africa customer services which is the main one in the Southern African Region and I did not get any help whatsoever,no response to an email I sent.So I became stuck with a phone that I had spent US$500 on and had only used it for 6 months.I regret buying it even today,I always look at it and it is a reminder to me of how not waste my money on LG phones.I WILL NOT,WILL NEVER I REPEAT WILL NOT buy an LG phone again!

  • Leo

My LGLS991 do not turn on the movile data .I need one ussd code or anything.

  • asiya

very bsd phone, 10 Jun 2020Simply stoped working one day, looks brand new simply no sc... moreLG G4(MOst of LG phones) have a common factory default publicly call "Boot loop issue". I had a LG G4 first time it happen company replace the motherboard without asking questions. after few months it happened again, well guess what, I'm out of my warranty period. I just thought away the phone. I have read say that the boot loop problem is caused by bad soldering on the motherboard. Assuming that is true, there is no fix possible by the user as the motherboard needs to be replaced.