LG G4 Note phablet now rumored to be in the works

12 March, 2015

Remember that top of the line LG smartphone that's supposed to launch in the second half of this year sporting higher-end specs than even the G4? It was hinted at by an LG exec earlier this month, though unfortunately no details about its specs were revealed.

Now it turns out that this could be called G4 Note, and it's going to be a phablet. An extremely high-end one, that is, undoubtedly made to compete head-on with both the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and the successor to Apple's iPhone 6 Plus.

This information reportedly comes from unnamed sources in LG's native South Korea. If it's true, the G4 Note would mark LG's return to the high-end phablet market. The company did release the Optimus G Pro in 2013 and the G Pro 2 last year, but then gave up on this space because sales of those two devices had cannibalized its other flagships.

It remains to be seen whether it will somehow manage to prevent that from happening once more with the G4 Note and G4 (allegedly pictured in the leaked render attached to this article). On the other hand, the different release time frame might help, with the G4 coming in the first half of the year and the G4 Note in the second - emulating Samsung's model of releasing the Galaxy S flagship in spring and the Note in the fall.

LG is confident that the G4 and G4 Note will help it reach the No.3 position in the global smartphone sales rankings. In fact, it apparently expects to sell 10 million G4 units this year, compared to just 7 million G3 devices it moved in 2014.

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Reader comments

  • Petr

i was a samsung fan. but not anymore. the note 2 chrome bezel chipped and when they delivered the note 4. the bezel was already screwed up. so long samsung. hello LG

Meanwhile, a thought: Will this trend of increase in screen sizes get over 50" ? LoL.

This... Sadly, not many think like us. Others simply want to empty both their pockets, then their heads. Nothing can beat such a convenience.

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