LG G4 Note phablet now rumored to be in the works

12 March, 2015
The device will complement the G4 in the company's portfolio, when it launches later this year.

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  • Petr

i was a samsung fan. but not anymore. the note 2 chrome bezel chipped and when they delivered the note 4. the bezel was already screwed up. so long samsung. hello LG

Meanwhile, a thought: Will this trend of increase in screen sizes get over 50" ?


Gibby, 13 Mar 2015Yup - agree Throw in a removable battery and SD card and t... moreThis...

Sadly, not many think like us. Others simply want to empty both their pockets, then their heads. Nothing can beat such a convenience.

  • MC

Been a Samsung fan for many years, but But I think they have blown it with the S6 and price/specs. LG for me. I think they will sell more of the G4 than they think.

  • AnonD-373940

RAM 4GB,3K(600ppi),3000+mAH,20,7Mp,SD810,no bezel in beside,+-6 inch & cheaper than others flagship.samsung,apple,htc,sony,etc go to hell

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Mar 2015good news to me i love watching movie on my phone. that's w... moreWell said Companies should consider your comment

  • Hmmmm

If it has a 6"+ screen I might consider it. Love how they have nearly no bezel.

  • Jose

Did not LG try (or did) to come out with a "Note" style phone last year? I also remember it had some low end specs (not that I mind as there is a phone for everyone)


In anycase, I hope Samsung continues to dominate this segment of phone market. I know they will continue to improve each year on the Note Series. I still have my N2 and it looks good next to my N4. The N4 is a a powerhouse, can't be touched by anything out there!

  • Anonymous

AnonD-338467, 13 Mar 2015The company did release the Optimus G Pro in 2013 and the G... morewell, for me G4 does look good.
and im sure there are millions people would agree with me.

last year most comments says g3 is ugly. but then there are 7 million people bought g3.

  • Anonymous

They don't have enough creativity to actually name it something original?

  • Anonymous

I'm pretty sure this will have a digitizer pen much like the S pen. LG made an LG Stylus model and the pen that came with it was really just a stylus.

On another note (pun intended), i'm wondering if Apple had come up with the name "note" in their phones and LG did this, would LG have been sued? And Xiaomi with their "note" too? Me thinks, yes.

  • Gibby

BCHLIU, 12 Mar 2015Cool.. more choices if I want to ditch Samsung if their Not... moreYup - agree
Throw in a removable battery and SD card and they could crack this market
(Oh - & a useful stylus would help!)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Mar 2015Old gist, look for something else to laugh about. Which maj... moreI meant which major company..

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Mar 2015All brands were laughing as Samsung seeing note 1 and now e... moreOld gist, look for something else to laugh about. Which major computer does not have a phablet now?

  • AnonD-338467

The company did release the Optimus G Pro in 2013 and the G Pro 2 last year, but then gave up on this space because sales of those two devices had cannibalized its other flagships.

First G4 lok extremely ugly, then G Pro/2 does not look premium either. LG it's better to gear up otherwise it'll look like what itself suggested before easing from smartphone market.

  • mj23

mmj321, 13 Mar 2015it's hard to beat the note series.... s-pen is what sets it... moreWell maybe thats why they will call it g4 note..maybe they will incorporate a useful pen. Not just a stylus. More like the spen that has digitizer And same features, honestly no other company is close.to samsung when it comes to features than lg. Dual window and other features. I hope they will add fb instag and other popular apps to their dual window.And im using g flex and the abilities of lg phones for example like customizing icons was just so pleasurable for me. And its so responsive. Well we have to wait and see. Im gonna buy note. Buy if g4 is better ill go with g4 note..

it's hard to beat the note series.... s-pen is what sets it apart from the others and the features

  • mj23

I hope its 6inches screen. Im 5'8 and doesnt have big hands but i feel more comfortable using 6inches and its doesnt bother me what other people say.and i hope the battery is removable.

  • Anonymous

Can smell some people are jealous. XD

  • AnonD-129510

I hope LG reposition the speakers at the bottom or in front, not at the back please...