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  • AnonD-331984

Ok I saw what you did there LG. You could have actually sealed this iteration off and make it waterproof you know. Just saying in case of next time!

  • dangle

Love the removable battery.

  • Anonymous

should have named g5 e

  • AnonD-442158

When I saw the "SE" moniker, which reminds me of the recent Apple product that are small, some say it's a downgrade. For some a sophisticated downgrade of a monstrously powerful flagship is exactly what's needed. For LG, 3 generations of 2K displays of the G series (not to mention the V10, which also have 2K resolution) I thought with an "SE" they would brilliantly delivers a much needed FHD flagship phablet into the latest Marshmallow-equipped lineup. But according to this rumour I was wrong. I won't let my hopes up though, not at least until the phone made official retail release.

I know most other brands has already set out their fighters in this department, but LG has its own strengths:
Slim bezels,
Great camera,
On screen navigation bar that always lit up brightly whenever the screen turned on (so far I have only noticed Motorola and Sony that does this, and Sony's got a nice trick that hides this virtual navbar when viewing pictures/videos, only a single tap away from bringing it back to use),
and with the new G5, Modularity.

  • Anonymous

Not a Smaller Edition like iphone! :(

  • yee

yes! great! now, can we have one that will actually fit into the pocket rather than backpack please!

  • NoName

1080 30fps???? WHAT?!